Buying a tourer is a big commitment. And we’re not just talking money.

Your van is your home-from-home, your place of retreat, where you spend your holidays to get away from it all and recharge.

What you don’t want is hassle.

But with so many new and used caravans for sale to choose from, not to mention a host of dealers, how do you know what to buy and where from?

Help us help you!

This is why our Owner Satisfaction Awards exists, to help caravanners buy better and with confidence.

But we can’t do it without you – so help us make the 2018 Awards the biggest and best yet!

Our Owner Satisfaction Awards 2018 will be organised by Practical Caravan in partnership with The Camping and Caravanning Club for the second consecutive year.

If you’ve bought a new or pre-owned tourer since 1 January 2014, and have owned it for at least six months, we’d love to hear from you.

How were you treated during the purchase? How has the van behaved? Would you buy again from the same manufacturer or dealer?

Have you enjoyed great service that you want to reward? Or are you keen to name and shame after buying a faulty product?

“Our survey is nothing without the input of our readers,” says Practical Caravan’s Editor Niall Hampton. “We need you to have your say.

“It’s your chance to tell the industry what’s what – we want you to tell it how it really is!”

Get involved now and help us find the best new and pre-owned caravans plus the UK’s top dealers.

Voting closes at 11.59pm on Friday 3 November 2017.

About our Awards

Launched in 2012, our Owner Satisfaction Awards is the only industry scheme that is completely based on owners’ feedback, including both the practicality and reliability of the tourer itself, as well as the buying and owning experience.

To have your say, simply click here and start giving us your feedback.

We’ll also have a questionnaire that you can fill in at selected shows and C&CC events over the summer, or you can pick up a copy from many dealerships.

Then we will count and analyse the results for both manufacturers and suppliers, and reward the top scorers with Gold and Silver awards.

Dealers and manufacturers take the results of our survey very seriously, so why not give your view to help fellow caravanners buy better?