Some people love it, others hate it, but it comes to us all in the end. That’s right, cleaning your caravan is an inevitability of touring life, but there are things that can make it easier (dare we say, enjoyable?).

When thinking about what you need from a caravan cleaner, it’s all about efficiency and protection. Autoglym is a fantastic brand for both of these things, creating multi-purpose products suitable for most – if not all – caravan materials. From rubber trim to acrylic windows to precious paintwork, Autoglym solutions are specially formulated to tackle all of your cleaning needs.

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Autoglym Fast Glass – 500ml – £10.81 now £7.32 

Autogylm’s popular glass cleaner is formulated without abrasives, waxes and silicones, giving you a streak-free finish on all surfaces. It’s suitable for use on polycarbonate plastics and mirrors so it’s a perfect all-rounder for buffing your caravan and car windows. The 500ml spray bottle is a handy size for keeping in your caravan and you only need a dry cloth to polish your surfaces to perfection. You can even use it to clean your mobile phone and sat nav screens! 

Autoglym All Purpose Cleaner – 1L –  £14.99 now £12.73

You can rely on this cleaner to deliver on its promise of all-purpose – it can be used inside, outside, on surfaces and soft furnishings. The spray bottle is great for tackling hard-to-reach crevices like window and door seals, grills and fuel caps, while the formula works well as a pre-soak for tougher stains, grease and grime. It can also be used on interior upholstery and carpets and will leave a pleasant orange scent. You can rinse with water or buff with a cloth, depending on the issue you’re tackling.

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Autoglym Caravan and Motorhome Cleaner – 1L – £13.25 now £11.31 

Shortlisted for our revered award of best caravan cleaner 2023, Autoglym’s specially formulated cleaner is suitable for rubber and acrylic, metal, glass, rubber and hard surfaces. It’s a combination of shampoo, degreaser and cleaner, so it’s able to tackle a multitude of cleaning issues. You can also use it on most interior materials, including fabrics and soft furnishings, work surfaces and hobs. It can be buffed with a damp cloth or left to sit on a surface and rinsed with water. 

Autoglym The Collection – £25.49 now £18.94

If you like the sound of the Autoglym range, why not grab a bundle? This 3-piece collection has everything you need for a spick and span ‘van, including interior shampoo, glass cleaner and vinyl and rubber care solution. 

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Looking to stock up your cleaning cupboard?

It can never hurt to have some spare cleaning cloths stashed away in your caravan. Microfibre is great for polishing, buffing and cleaning surfaces prone to damage like windows and bodywork, while you might want something more heavy duty for wheels and exteriors. 

Autoglym Microfibre Noodle Wash Mitt – £12.36 now £8.30

This handy (no pun intended) mitt is great for getting into the nooks and crannies of your caravan as well as bigger scale cleaning of the exterior. It cleans and polishes without scratching surfaces, using dense microfibre noodles and has an elasticated cuff to help you avoid soggy sleeves.

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Need something more heavy duty?

If you’re tackling an interior, especially stained carpets or seats, it can help to go over it with a vacuum cleaner before and after using a cleaning solution. It’s also a good idea to dust-bust before going in for a deep clean, which is where a handheld vacuum can also come in handy.

ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner – £35.98 now £21.59

This ergonomic, hand-held vacuum cleaner offers strong suction and 3 detachable nozzle attachments. At just 2.4lbs, it’s perfect for stashing in a cupboard and is powered by 12V with a 4.8 metre power cord.

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