TOILET MANUFACTURER THETFORD has announced a free DIY fix for owners of vans fitted with its popular C-250 CWE unit.


Thetford is reacting to reports where the pump of the C-250 CWE toilet has broken. It claims the majority of cases have been due to frost damage although reports of problems with leaking flush tanks on this model were fairly common at one stage.


Simple Fix

The fix improves drainage of the C-250’s flush water tank and the electric pump. It consists of an additional drain tube which is accessed through the service hatch door. This allows the toilet to be more comprehensively drained, minimising the chance of fresh water in the tank freezing when the van is laid up for winter.


Thetford says the kit only concerns toilets produced before 1st April  2010 but the kit is suitable for all installed C-250 CWE toilets. The retrofit is an easy 10 minute job which most users will find easy to do themselves.


To get the kit, complete with fixing instructions, email  [email protected] including the following information:

  • Name and address
  • Serial number (or code) of your toilet (which is located on the bottom of your holding tank)
  • Make, model and chassis number of your caravan 


To see what is involved, the instructions on installing the additional drain can be downloaded by clicking here



Do you have a C-250 CWE?

If you don’t know what toilet your caravan has, don’t panic! If it is a UK touring caravan built from around 2009 onward, there is a good chance it has the CWE-250.

There are a couple of ways to identify it.


All C-250 models use an electric flush. If your toilet does not have an electric flush, it is not a C-250.


The C-250 has a wheeled waste container that is grey and orange in colour.


The swivel toilet bowl of the C-250 looked at from above looks circular. The older C-200 is more rectangular.


The service door on the outside of the caravan is a different shape with the C-250. The door hinges downward and is wider than it is tall. If your toilet service door is side-hinged, it is not a C-250.


If you are still not sure, email Thetford at the address above with the serial number of your toilet and it will advise whether your toilet is an affected model.