The upmarket Unicorn may be the biggest-selling range of Bailey caravans, but that hasn’t stopped the company being innovative in other areas.

In launching its new Pursuit line, for example, Bailey has dispensed almost entirely with option packs: those items that are often a huge hindrance to anyone trying to work out a new tourer’s true price.

Instead, the company is aiming for one clear cost, with many items that were previously considered optional extras fitted as standard.

As you might expect, that has added to the price of the range (although not to the overall unladen weights, which all stay under 1500kg). In fact, with two new family layouts coming into the line-up for 2017, it’s possible to find a Pursuit retailing for as much as £16,249.

The company says that, with the boosted kit levels, the Bailey Pursuit can’t really be considered a budget van any more – and at that price, it can’t.

But there’s still one model in the range – the two-berth 400-2, which continues into 2017 – that costs less than £15,000, at £14,599. Given the generous standard spec levels, is it an enticing buy? Let’s find out!

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