WE FEATURED the Caravan Bikestation in our April 2011 Genius Ideas pages, and thought it was about time we gave it a proper test.

Cycling is a great way to see the area you’re visiting, but there’s always the problem of storing them when you return to the site. Keeping them secure is a worry too. Caravan Bikestation fits directly to the hitch of your caravan, and provided you have a hitch lock and bike locks, offers a safe place for bicycles.

Quality materials

The Bikestation came well packaged and ready for assembly, which thanks to some easy-to-understand instructions, an Allen key and combination spanner takes no time at all. We previously mentioned that the product was made from stainless steel. It is, in fact, constructed from regular steel, which keeps the cost down while still offering a very sturdy storage solution.

With eight nuts and bolts fitted to secure the two bike arms, one to fit the ball and the plastic end caps in place we were ready to attach the Bikestation to the hitch. This is done in exactly the same way as hitching a car towball, clicking into place quickly and smoothly. With the stabiliser down and hitch lock fitted the Bikestation has the freedom to be flexed on the hitch but is extremely secure.

You can order the Bikestation in two-, four-, six- or eight-bike variants. The six- and eight-bike versions are in fact four-bike Bikestations with either one or two twin ‘upgrades’ fitted, which can be purchased separately.

For more information and to place an order, visit www.caravanbikestation.co.uk