WE SEE LOTS of cleaning products in the Practical Caravan office and when you are doing a lot of touring miles it makes sense to clean the caravan as you go.

Caravan Muc-Off delivers on the promise to make cleaning easy. It was very effective for removing bugs, dissolving dirt and crucially, defeating the devilish black streaks that curse caravans everywhere.

It is expensive compared to a shampoo cleaner which you dilute as you go, but being ready-mixed, it is pretty strong and for removing long standing dirt or for the first clean of the season, it has all the cleaning power required. It is supplied in a trigger bottle so spot application is dead easy.

It needs leaving to soak for very stubborn debris, but all-round it is a very impressive general exterior cleaner and a great thing to keep in thr van to keep on top of the cleaning as you go.