Compass tourers have been selling well over the past few years, and the 2019 Capiro 462's end-kitchen layout is a definite plus for couples.


The Compass badge was dropped after 2009. A few 2010 prototypes were built, but it did look like the end of the line for this respected brand. 

But in 2014, the Compass was back, and by 2017, the brand had re-established itself as part of the Hymer Group. 

The Capiro was launched for 2017, but by 2018 the 462 had swapped its end washroom for an end-kitchen layout. 

The 462 is well-designed and comes with a good spec, which includes Alde heating, and it has a smart, spacious interior. 

Pitching and setting up

The Compass sits on an Al-Ko chassis, complete with AKS hitch stabiliser and ATC. Spare wheels and alloys are fitted as standard, plus a TV aerial - although not a Status model.

Outside, the Compass has striking graphics on its smooth aluminium sides, while the front plays host to a large gas locker, providing some good storage space. For night-time use this has a handy light, too.

The Capiro is designed for mid-range buyers, but looks more upmarket, with its smart front and rear moulded panels.

The main service points are on the offside of the van, while the nearside sports the battery box, exterior mains socket and barbecue point.

Standard corner steadies are fitted, which are easy to access. Large grab handles placed at a good height mean that you can easily manoeuvre the van.

The Capiro is a smart-looking tourer, which also has the benefit of SoLiD construction. This uses adhesives to cut down on the number of screws, reducing the risk of leaks. But this caravan is not just smart on the outside - the interior has a great deal to offer, too.


Step into the Capiro's lounge and you'll find twin settees and the standard central chest of drawers, with bolster cushions for added comfort. They are very spacious for two, and you could easily seat four people here.

This is an airy, well-lit area, day and night - natural light floods in through the large rooflight and sunroof. LED lighting in the rooflight surround and the four LED corner spotlights provide good night-time illumination.

The freestanding table in the lounge would be ideal for main mealtimes, but for coffee or a snack, there is a slide-out table in the central chest of drawers.

Reaching the storage space under the seats is made easy by the large access flaps in the base - you don't have to keep lifting the main seat.

Overhead storage is provided on both sides of the lounge, with large lockers, one of which holds the radio/CD player. Alde heating keeps the lounge, and all of the other areas, snug and warm.


End kitchens were very much the norm in two-berth caravans until the end washroom came into vogue in the late 1980s.

However, this layout is proving popular again and the Capiro 462 uses it well, because the L-shaped design has plenty going for it.

You'll find lots of storage and worktop in the kitchen, plus the capacious side dresser.

Add to this a great spec, with a full oven, dual-fuel hob and Dometic fridge. The fridge is in the base of the wardrobe, freeing up even more storage capacity in the kitchen (although it does take away hanging space in the wardrobe).

The microwave is fitted at a sensible height over the side dresser. There is a large, square stainless steel sink, and the whole area is lit by LED lighting. In addition to this, for natural light and ventilation, there are two windows and two mini Heki roof vents.

Another good sign of a well-designed kitchen is the excellent overhead locker storage here.


You might think the Capiro's side washroom would be a little bit compact and lacking in space - but you'd be wrong!

The washroom is well planned, and even though it isn't as big as an end design, it really doesn't disappoint. It has an excellent lined shower cubicle with an eco shower head.

Although the shower cubicle has no roof vent, the washroom itself does, plus a large side window, so natural light and ventilation are well taken care of here. The electric-flush toilet is next to a smart and efficient chrome radiator, ideal for towels and keeping the washroom really cosy and warm.

This well-planned washroom also has a freestanding handbasin and a large mirror with LED lighting. Storage is provided with a cupboard below, plus another wall-mounted cupboard.

All in all, the design of this side washroom makes excellent use of the space available.


As you might expect, the Capiro 462 follows the traditional format for sleeping arrangements, with the front lounge changing to the bedroom at night.

The twin settees here are long enough to use as comfortable single beds, which can be quickly made up, but if you do prefer a double, that's easy, too - just use the pull-out slats.

These are in the base of the central chest of drawers, and slide out smoothy on the seat base runnings. You then turn over the cushions to make up a very generous bed.


The 462 is well-provided with storage space, with large, deep overhead lockers, that side dresser and two substantial cupboards and drawers.

The wardrobe is a good size, although the fridge does restrict the hanging space here. The end kitchen has excellent storage, with overhead lockers and cupboards. The washroom also does well, with that cupboard under the handbasin and the wall-mounted unit.

For touring couples, the storage is excellent - even longer journeys should be easily taken care of in the Capiro.

Technical specs

Interior length4.64m
Shipping length6.3m
Awning size9200cm


With a smart interior and great spec, plus a reasonable weight, the Capiro has a lot going for it. That includes Aquaclean upholstery, five mains sockets and the cleverly designed kitchen. This layout works really well, particularly for couples who travel with lots of kit. 



  • Night lighting
  • Airy interior
  • Kitchen storage/worktop
  • Great washroom


  • Limited hanging space in wardrobe