If there had been such a thing in the 1990s as a caravanner who could peer into the future, the lucky individual would be eyeing up the 2016 offerings with a wry smile. Back then, traditional layouts (end kitchens, end washrooms and twin dinettes) were pretty much all you could buy and the idea of a fixed bed met with a grimace, resolutely folded arms and a terse ‘not for me’.

Yet, here comes the Coachman Vision 570 with the legend ‘unique new five-berth family layout’ writ large down the side – and there’s no fixed bed in sight.

The 570 couldn’t have been more traditional if Coachman had dusted off its old floral crushed-velour soft-furnishing samples and fitted it with an AM radio and Carver water heater. Climb aboard and you’ll find two lounges, and a washroom and kitchen amidships. That’s it.

Traditional, then, would appear to be the new radical – at least, where new caravans are concerned. The question is: does it have a place in 2016? And to see other Coachman caravans for sale, click here.