The top line in the three-range Elddis portfolio may not have had the farthest-reaching makeover among its 2016 models, but it is arguably the most dramatic. And Elddis should be applauded for doing something different – whether or not the new ‘Champagne’ sidewalls and bronze gas-locker lid are to your taste. We were unsure at first, but the more time we spent with this new Aurora, the more we liked it.

Under that new skin there are few fundamental changes, but little was wrong with it in the first place. This is a high-spec, well-built tourer, aimed at caravanners who don’t want to stint on luxury.

Unlike its two transverse-island-bed Crusader siblings, the Aurora features an in-line island bed to the rear, with a split washroom across the middle of the van. It’s a motorhome-style layout that we’ve seen before in Elddis caravans, most recently in the Avanté and Affinity 550, but it works particularly well here. If you’re a couple looking at caravans for sale, this van has a lot to offer.