Isabella’s Ambassador range has been with us for more than 30 years now, and the name seems appropriate – it remains a benchmark of quality, at least for awnings put together with poles.

The Danish firm is famous for sticking with this system of assembly while most of the industry has moved to using air inflatable tubes (although Isabella does provide this in its sister brand, Ventura).

The Dawn was new in 2018. and is so called because it falls within Isabella’s ‘Dawn style concept’, inspired by the misty landscape that greets you in the early morning. This apparently also accounts for the grey tone to much of the awning.

Our test model used optional lightweight carbon fibre poles, although tubular steel poles are standard and recommended for seasonal pitches.

The poles fit together easily, and are labelled for assembly. Our model was in recognisable shape in ten minutes, and with a bit of tweaking, perfect in twenty.

The awning is made from Isacryl, an acrylic-type fabric that Isabella has developed for maximum breathable qualities. With a density of 295g/sqm, it is firm enough to provide an awning that looks the part, but still allows air to circulate.

Whatever the weather, this awning is certainly versatile. It has four opening panels – two across the front and one on each side – and both sides include mosquito net panels. Each front panel has a section that rolls back for use as a door.

If you are touring somewhere really hot, one cost option is to replace the whole front panel with a large mosquito net.

That aside, the accessories available are extensive and include an annexe, a three-berth inner tent, a canopy that you can also use on its own against the caravan, and a partition wall.

One extra that Isabella does include is an alteration service. So buying a new van should not necessarily mean having to splash out on a new awning. As long as the change in length is less than 50cm either way, you can send your awning to Isabella for it to be altered.

Including collection, delivery and VAT, a reduction in size will cost you £208.80 and an enlargement, £292.80.

Dimensions are 2.5 by 6.5m.