KEEN HAS BEEN a major supplier of caravan alarms for a number of years both for the OEM and DIY markets.

The Keen Electronics Protector Two Alarm is the company’s latest model. Having carried out a number of retro-fits in the past, we can confirm that Keen goes to great pains to make installation one of the easiest wiring jobs any average DIYer will ever come across. 

The first indication of this is the wiring diagram, which is so clear and easy to follow that it is virtually impossible to get it wrong. Obviously this depends on the quality of wiring diagram you can get for your caravan however. The Protector Two is based on the one fitted as standard to the top-end Lunar Caravans for the past couple of seasons.

Key features

So, what are the features of the Protector? Well, firstly we need to point out that like any alarm, Protector will not deter the professional thief who is determined to steal a caravan come hell or high water! What it will do is deter the opportunistic thief. Here’s what it does:

The alarm is activated by pressing the alarm button on the key fob – two are supplied with the kit. Once set, the alarm sounds if any one of a number of illegal actions occur.

  • Movement detected inside the caravan by the infra-red sensor

  • Winding up a corner steady

  • Plugging the caravan into the thief’s tow vehicle

  • The first time the footbrake is pressed if the thief attempts to steal a car and caravan

  • Unplugging the caravan from the owner’s tow vehicle

  • Disconnecting the caravan’s leisure battery because the alarm has its own 9V back-up battery which is then activated

There is one further option included in the design. The alarm key fob can be configured to control the awning light. This is switched on as normal but then the key fob is used to switch it off when you leave the caravan and to switch it on again when you return.


Compared to some of the low-quality alarms on the market, the Keen Alarm is well documented and straightforward to install. It is also designed specifically for caravan installation, rather than a car alarm modified for use in a leisure vehicle.