UNLIKE THE towing skirts we’ve featured in previous issues of the magazine, this protector by Specialised Covers extends to protect the whole front of the caravan from stone chIpping.

We tested the Towing Protector on our long-term Swift Charisma 535, towing it to a campsite under motorway conditions, and it passed with flying colours.

Fitting the cover

Fitting the Towing Protector couldn't be easierFitting couldn’t be easier. The cover ships in five pieces and is housed in a convenient carry bag. There are two side panels for each side of the caravan – a top piece and a bottom piece. Slide them into the awning channels on each side of the caravan (bottom piece first, top piece second).

With the side panels in place, take the main piece of the cover and, using the fairing of the A-frame as a guide, align the top of the main piece with the top of the side panels. When everything is in position, clip the main piece to the side pieces, then fasten the clips at the bottom of the cover. That’s all there is to it.

Download the fitting instructions for a full step-by-step guide here

The cover is UV-reflective, breathable and fully waterproof. It’s best to check there’s no grit between the cover and the van before fitting, but the skirt comes with a fleecy lining inside and reflective strips for great visibility at night.

The Towing Protector is available from www.specialisedcovers.com and costs £100. Bespoke versions are available for £120.