Anyone who has been into caravanning long enough will likely have a huge, fuzzy warm regard for the Sprite brand. It is, after all, the caravan with which many of us started off, either by trading up from a tent or trailer tent, or simply by opting for the cheapest, lightest and least complicated model we could find on the market.

In truth, many newcomers to caravanning want nothing to do with the unknown quantities on offer on secondhand caravan forecourts, preferring the peace of mind that comes with a brand new caravan backed up by a factory warranty.

The problem is, Sprite has come a long way since the heady 1960s, when you could almost buy one with your loose pocket change and tow it with a bicycle. The latest models have alloy wheels, for heaven’s sake. Fully-fitted kitchens. And five-star washrooms. Some are even hoofing great twin-axles. All very nice, but a far cry from the old cheap ‘n’ cheerful days.

So has Swift forgotten about where its grass-roots superstar originated? It would appear not, because when we visited the Swift factory shortly before the official trade launch, we found an unfamiliar new Sprite parked alongside a full-on standard Sprite. It’s called the Freedom. And it marks a welcome return to the concept of a cheap, lightweight caravan. But is it any good? And to see other Sprite caravans for sale, click here.