Erwin Hymer Group may have metamorphosed into a global leisure vehicle concern with sales of €2.12 billion, but it all started with a dinky caravan in 1957. That’s the year Erich Bachem and Erwin Hymer collaborated to build the Eriba Troll, which soon became a icon of caravanning and one which is still going strong today. 

To celebrate six decades of continuous production, EHG has unveiled a special ‘60 Edition’ of the Touring Troll, replete with an enhanced interior and exterior look and a slew of desirable spec bumps. These include smooth two-tone bodyshells, a special cabinetwork finish and enhanced soft furnishings, alloy wheels, 30-litre water tank, colour co-ordinated bedspread, two additional reading lights, stone deflector, and spare wheel with carrier. 

The steel frame construction of Eriba owes its origins to aircraft design and has certainly stood the test of time.

Its streamlined profile and low height on the road give good towing characteristics, and low MTPLMs means Eribas can be towed by a wide range of smaller cars.