• A flash of yellow
    Practical Caravan at the Tour de France 2015 1 - The smart Kia and Bailey outfit was the perfect pairing for following some of the world's best cyclists (© Harry Sampson/Practical Caravan)

    Hitching up and heading to France is the best way to see and soak up the action of the Tour de France, writes Paul Regan, after a few days peloton-chasing

  • Finding that perfect pitch
    Martin Roberts Practical Caravan May 2014 - We'd love to know what you think makes the perfect pitch when you're touring (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

    If bagging the ideal pitch is crucial to your caravan holidays, Martin Roberts knows your pain – rewind to May 2014 as he prepared for a summer of touring

  • What makes a good tow car?
    Practical Caravan – What makes a good tow car? 1 - The VW Passat Estate was the overall winner of our 2015 Tow Car Awards – Motty explains what makes it so good (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

    Choosing the perfect tug is an important decision for caravanners – our expert David Motton shines light on what tow cars are the best and why

  • The Cheltenham Caravans Festival
    Cheltenham Caravans Festival - Cheltenham rallies are very relaxed and cater for all ages (© Practical Caravan/Andrew Jenkinson)

    Vintage caravan owners recently gathered at a rally to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the oldest owners’ club in existence – The Cheltenham Owners' Club

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  • Expert advice on caravan lights

    A history of caravan interior lighting and how to update your tourer's lights – Practical Caravan's technical …

    Practical Caravan – Expert advice on caravan lights 1 - Caravan lighting has come a long way – find out more with advice from Practical Caravan's expert (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)
  • Buying used caravans

    There's a lot to consider when viewing used caravans for sale, so read John Wickersham's expert advice …

    Practical Caravan advice – buying used caravans 1 - Buying a tourer for the first time can be hard if you don't know how models have changed – read our expert advice (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)


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