• Is it a mid-life crisis?
    Practical Caravan blog – Martin Roberts December 2016 - It's a slight diversion from caravans, but is this a use for Martin's tractor? (© Jenny Owen/Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

    What's the weirdest tow car you've ever seen? The latest purchase by our Martin Roberts might just be it – and he's not sure why he bought it!

  • What makes a good tow car?
    Practical Caravan – What makes a good tow car? – 1 - When testing to find out what tow car ability a model has, what characteristics are we looking for? Read on! (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

    What tow car is the best? And what should caravanners be looking for when choosing a tow car? Find out with Practical Caravan's expert David Motton

  • Expect the unexpected at this week's NEC show
    Practical Caravan – Expect the unexpected at this week's NEC show – 0 - If you're off to the NEC Birmingham for this week's show, here's a taste of what you can expect! (© Simon Mortimer/Peter Baber/Practical Caravan)

    Bailey branches out, Lunar goes floral, Barefoot gets naked and a club is rechristened – read our report from the NEC Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show

  • Jaguar F-Pace first drive
    The Practical Caravan Jaguar F-Pace review – 1 - 'Our' Jaguar F-Pace's R-Sport trim gives it quite an imposing stance (© Lizzie Pope/Practical Caravan)

    We've been itching to drive the Jaguar F-Pace, so when the chance came to try the 178bhp variant, we couldn't resist – what tow car potential does it have?

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