• Military precision
    Me and my caravan – Paul Hemmings – 1 - As vintage caravans go, this is an imposing – and slow moving – outfit! (© Practical Caravan)

    Any DIY caravan build is an ambitious project, so Bryony Symes talks to Paul Hemmings to find out what drove him to hand-build his own replica military van

  • Driving licence changes – get the knowledge
    Advice on the abolition of the paper counterpart driving licence from Practical Caravan - The days of the paper counterpart driving licence are numbered for UK motorists (© DVLA)

    The abolition of the paper counterpart driving licence is nigh – find out what is changing, if it affects you and how the new system will work

  • Accessorising your tour
    Martin Roberts' Practical Caravan September 2013 - Caravan accessories can make or break a tour – we'd love to hear your favourites (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

    Back in September 2013, TV's Martin Roberts was wowed by weird and wonderful caravan accessories – what are the most fun, useful or ingenious you've seen?

  • Is a premium badge worth it?
    What tow car to buy, prestige or not? Opener - Does badge appeal matter to you when wondering what tow car to buy? (© Jen Owen/Practical Caravan)

    Mainstream marques are making gains on the established prestige brands but, considers David Motton, does badge matter when choosing what tow car to buy?

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