• Holiday hang-ups
    Martin Roberts Practical Caravan November 2013 - We love our caravan holidays, but we all have our touring pet hates – what are yours? (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

    TV star and Practical Caravan writer Martin Roberts loves his caravan holidays, but in his November 2013 column, it was time to let off some steam

  • The numbers game
    The numbers game blog 1 - Experts recommend towing no more than 85% of your car's kerbweight, but is that figure easy to find? (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

    Doing the maths to find out what tow car is right for you isn't always as easy as it sounds, so Practical Caravan's expert David Motton is here to help

  • Military precision
    Me and my caravan – Paul Hemmings – 1 - As vintage caravans go, this is an imposing – and slow moving – outfit! (© Practical Caravan)

    Any DIY caravan build is an ambitious project, so Bryony Symes talks to Paul Hemmings to find out what drove him to hand-build his own replica military van

  • Driving licence changes – get the knowledge
    Advice on the abolition of the paper counterpart driving licence from Practical Caravan - The days of the paper counterpart driving licence are numbered for UK motorists (© DVLA)

    The abolition of the paper counterpart driving licence is nigh – find out what is changing, if it affects you and how the new system will work

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Lunar Delta TS

Lunar Delta TS review - Launched in February 2015, the luxurious twin-axle Lunar Delta TS caravan costs £25,899 new and we think this four-berth will appeal particularly to couples (© Practical Caravan)
3.5 stars


Lunar Quasar 646

Lunar Quasar 646 review - With its family-friendly layout and spacious washroom, the latest Lunar Quasar is the brand's only twin-axle (© Practical Caravan)
4.0 stars


Sprite Major 4 SB

Sprite Major 4 SB live-in test - The largely blank nearside wall betrays where the island bed is located in the 2015 Sprite Major 4 SB (© Practical Caravan/Phil Russell)
4.5 stars


Adria Adora 612DT Rhine

Adria Adora 612DT Rhine review - The Adria Adora 612DT Rhine caravan’s long A-frame allows easy access to the gas locker. The entry door is on the ‘UK’ side and underbed storage has exterior access (© Practical Caravan/Phil Russell)
3.5 stars


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  • Used Honda FR-V review

    Often overlooked, the Honda FR-V could be the hidden gem you're looking for when deciding what tow car …

    The Practical Caravan used Honda FR-V review 1 - Built between 2004 and 2009, the six-seat Honda FR-V has a comfortable ride (© Practical Caravan)
  • Used Alfa Romeo 159 review

    If you want to add some charm to your caravan holidays, Russ Smith is here to see what tow car potential …

    The Practical Caravan used Alfa Romeo 159 review 1 - Add a dash of style to your caravan holidays – find out what tow car ability the 159 has (© Alfa Romeo/Practical Caravan)


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