• Let's get this show on the road!
    Me and my caravan – Martin Roberts – 1 - The second Roberts family caravan, this Lunar, provides excellent space for their party of two adults, two kids and two dogs (© Practical Caravan)

    TV presenter and Practical Caravan columnist Martin Roberts shares his love of caravanning, and the adventures he's enjoyed on tour with his young family

  • The best of caravanning
    Come to our 2015 Reader Rally! 1 - Come rain or shine, the Practical Caravan Reader Rally is all about having a wonderful time (© Practical Caravan)

    Practical Caravan's Reader Rally is a highlight of our year and, says Group Editor Alastair Clements, it sums up everything that's great about caravanning

  • Friendly caravan buying tips
    Glammavanning – buying a new van 0 - Pitched at Salop's CS, Vicky prepares for her first night in her brand new Sprite Major 6 (© Glammavanning/Practical Caravan)

    Buying a caravan, whether new or used, can be a daunting process, but having just done exactly that, Glammavanner Vicky is here with some handy top tips

  • An evergreen classic
    Me and my caravan – Catchpoles 1 - New life has been breathed into this 1948 Cheltenham by Sally and David Catchpole (© Practical Caravan)

    A chance find led to Sally and David Catchpole bringing new life to this 1948 Cheltenham – Bryony Symes finds out more about this lovely vintage caravan

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