• Should we be XEcited?
    The brand new Jaguar XE - Jaguar put its new baby, the XE, into the limelight at its London world premiere (© Jaguar)

    As Jaguar launches its brand new XE, Practical Caravan's Lizzie Pope heads to the world premiere to get the inside line on this stunning potential tow car

  • How the new car tax disc changes will affect you
    Practical Caravan on 2014's tax disc changes - Practical Caravan's tow car expert David Motton explains the implication of the new tax disc system so you don't get caught out (© David Motton/Practical Caravan)

    With a raft of changes coming into force, Practical Caravan's Tow Car Editor David Motton looks at the new tax disc system and what it means for you

  • Two top new tugs
    The Practical Caravan 2015 Kia Sorento preview - Practical Caravan's tow car expert David Motton is looking forward to testing the new generation Kia Sorento (© Kia)

    Two popular tow cars are about to be replaced, the Kia Sorento and the Volvo XC90 – get the low-down on these new models from our expert David Motton

  • Big, cheap tow cars
    Practical Caravan reviews the Hyundai Santa Fe - If you're wondering what tow car to buy and you need something big, you could do a lot worse than the Hyundai Santa Fe (© Practical Caravan)

    You don't have to splash the cash if you need a big tow car – Practical Caravan's tow car expert David Motton reveals his top four big bargains

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