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The New York Times interviewed architect Christopher Deam last week and if you’re wondering why that’s of interest to Practical Caravan, it’s because he’s an interior designed for Airstream.

Deam has been working with Airstream for 13 years and his latest project is the Sterling Concept Trailer, which was part of a recent modernism exhibition in California.

The Sterling Concept is still a prototype that may never be put into production, but it photos show a very fresh design that bears little resemblance to current ‘van interiors.


Deam made his mark by designing a small house in the mid 1990s and he took much of inspiration from the compact interior layouts of boats and motorhomes.

His experience led him to contact Airstream with view to updating its “log cabin on wheels” interiors and although the company wasn’t initially interested in his ideas, that soon changed once it saw some of his work.

You can read the rest of the interview over at the New York Times site.

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