Elddis has a long association with quality entry-level models, dating back to the 1980s.

In 2008, the brand turned to lightweight tourer production, under the Xplore badge. This very quickly proved a successful move, with Elddis adding new models to the range, including a family-sized twin-axle caravan.

Although the standard spec was fairly basic, the Xplore did provide an option pack, which added a radio/CD player, alarm, spark ignition for the hob/oven, Winterhoff stabiliser, spare wheel and door flyscreen.

This also proved popular, and the majority of Xplore models were sold with these additions.

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Model history of the Elddis Xplore 302

The 302 was launched in late 2009, when we tested one from the factory and were struck by its ease of handling and towing. Rather surprisingly, this new lightweight tourer for two was not included in the company’s main Xplore brochure.

The designers were clearly focused on maximising the space available in this small caravan, and the L-shaped lounge helped achieve that.

Lounge's L-shaped seating
L-shaped seating makes the most of the space available in the lounge

The neat rear kitchen boasted great cupboard storage and a fridge located in the wardrobe base. In fact, storage capacity was impressive throughout, and more than enough for two. Whale blown-air heating kept everything cosy, too.

The 302 proved to be an instant hit with caravanners looking for a lightweight van that was easy to tow and store.

Down the length of the caravan
Excellent storage in the overhead lockers, and rear kitchen has large cupboards

By 2011, the 302 had been joined by a longer four-berth version, the 304, which found favour with couples wanting to take the grandchildren with them on tour, or accommodate the occasional guests. This saw sales of the 302 slowing down, and by the close of the 2013 season, it was discontinued.

It’s worth looking for dealer special versions of the 302, because Elddis built to several dealerships’ own spec.

Price checker

High demand and that relatively short production run means few 302s on the forecourts. The cheapest we found was another 2010 model from a private seller at £8995, which included an awning and mover.

Three-burner gas hob
Three-burner gas hob and oven looked like new and had the optional spark ignition

The example reviewed here also had a motor mover fitted, and the interior was in excellent order.

For the rest of the 2010 range, you can expect to pay:

  •  452: £8895-£9195
  •  495: £10,195-£10,595
  •  544: £10,195-£10,395
  •  546: £10,295-£10,995
  •  596: £10,895-£10,999

Alternatives to the Elddis Xplore 302

Take a look at the 2011 Elddis Avanté 372, with an excellent spec that included a microwave. The layout of the caravan also offered an end kitchen and comfortable parallel lounge seating, with prices that range from £9995 to £10,195.

Another quality lightweight tourer is the Lunar Ariva – but they can be quite hard to find. You’re looking at £9000 for a 2010 model or around £10,000 for a 2011 version (see below). Alternatively, take a look at our best used caravan guide, where we share our top picks.

Lunar Ariva

Verdict on the Elddis Xplore 302 (2010)

The Xplore makes a great used buy for first-time caravanners, offering the benefits of a good spec, light weight and ample storage. Our 302 was in lovely condition, although the decals had faded – but this is the case for most tourers of this age.

Although 302s can be quite a rarity on the forecourts, Elddis dealers seem to have a good selection of used models right now. Check your local dealership and you might bag a bargain!

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