If you’re thinking of buying a caravan, it can sometimes feel like a daunting prospect to know where to start – after all, there are a variety of different types of caravan on the market from the leading manufacturers. To help you find the option that’s right for you, we’re seeing how two twin-axle tourers compare – the Compass Camino 650 and the Coachman Laser 665.

Both vans achieved a rating of 4.5/5 when we reviewed them, as well as making it into our best twin-axle caravan guide and being winners at the Practical Caravan Awards 2023.

So, how do they compare? We take a look…

A basic overview:

Compass Camino 650

Compass Camino 650

  • Price: £39,899
  • Berths: 4
  • MTPLM: 1830kg
  • MiRO: 1671kg
  • Payload: 159kg
  • Interior length: 6.39m
  • Shipping length: 8.18m
  • Overall width: 2.45m
Coachman Laser 665

Coachman Laser 655

  • Price: £40,705
  • Berths: 4
  • MTPLM: 1828kg
  • MiRO: 1668kg
  • Payload: 160kg
  • Interior length: 6.27m
  • Shipping length: 7.90m
  • Overall width: 2.31m

Pitch and set up: Compass Camino 650 vs Coachman Laser 655

An immediate difference becomes apparent when you see the dimensions of the tourers, with the Camino 650 the larger of the two – it has a shipping length and width of 8.18m and 2.45m respectively, in contrast to the 7.90m and 2.31m length and width of the Laser. If size is a factor, this could play a part in helping you make your mind up.

The Camino comes on an Al-Ko chassis, with the extended drawbar, as well as with an AKS stabiliser hitch and ATC. Its SoLiD construction system and one-piece aluminium sides create a ‘finish of a high standard’, as our reviewer put it, with an injection of flair provided by the blue metallic sides.

We’re pleased to see there’s a front gas locker too, and the tourer also comes with a caravan TV aerial fitted.

The 665 is another stylish option to consider, with its silver grey sidewalls partnering with a svelte profile to create a good-looking option. An ATC system is fitted as standard, and we think it’s useful to have external lockers at the front on the nearside and on both sides at the rear, offering decent storage.

Lounge: Compass Camino 650 vs Coachman Laser 655

Both lounges are very comfortable spaces in these two tourers, but there is a difference in the arrangements.

Factors that helped the Camino win the best caravan for couples category at the Practical Caravan Awards 2023 include its L-shaped lounge and clear caravan layout. It’s an area that is just made for socialising in, with comfortable settees and light streaming in through that large sunroof.

Other features include a wall-mounted TV and a freestanding table. Then there are main sockets, economical LED lighting, wireless phone charging and a Pioneer radio, complete with speakers beneath the overhead lockers.

Compass Camino 650 lounge
The lounge of the Compass Camino 650

The 665’s parallel seating is capable of seating six, even if the fold-out extension can intrude on some of the offside seating space. Coachman has provided two table options here, with the choice of pulling a shelf from the central chest (ideal for drinks), or alternatively using a table that is kept by the door.

Coachman Laser 665 lounge
The lounge in the Coachman Laser 665

You also get a TV mount and sockets, ideal if you want to take a caravan TV on tour with you, as well as USB ports. Daylight floods in through the sunroof, while four spotlights and ambient lighting can be turned to in the evening. Wireless charging is also provided, as it is in the Camino.

Kitchen: Compass Camino 650 vs Coachman Laser 655

We think the Camino’s kitchen is nicely kitted out – it includes a Thetford K1520 oven with a dual-fuel hob, an 800W microwave, a 153-litre Dometic Series 10 fridge and plenty of work space. Other features include an extractor fan, a domestic-style tap for the sink, and four LED downlighters.

Kitchen in Compass Camino 650
The kitchen in the Compass Camino 650

The Laser’s kitchen, on the other hand, includes a four-burner dual-fuel hob with an extractor fan, an oven and grill, a two-way opening fridge with a separate freezer, and a sink. When the extension is used, there’s plenty of room for accessories such as a caravan kettle too, with the sink cover further enhancing this area.

Coachman Laser 665 kitchen
The kitchen in the Coachman Laser 665

Beds: Compass Camino 650 vs Coachman Laser 655

Sleeping arrangements can play a big part in choosing the best caravan for you, and the different options provided by these two tourers could help you make your mind up.

The Camino is an island bed caravan, and we like that it can be pushed back to make a day bed. In the lounge, the settees can be used as a large double or as singles for children.

Compass Camino 650 island bed
The island bed in the Compass Camino 650

However, the rear bedroom area in the 665 features single beds instead. These are over 6ft long though and also come with comfy headboards. Daylight floods in too, complemented by spotlights with USBs. Then, in the lounge, there’s the choice of using the settees as two singles or using pull-out slats to create a huge double.

Single beds in Coachman Laser 665
The single beds in Coachman Laser 665

Washroom: Compass Camino 650 vs Coachman Laser 655

While there’s no window in the Camino’s washroom, it does come with a roof vent. Storage is provided through wall lockers (handily hidden behind a mirrored door), while an Alde Anthracite radiator, Thetford toilet and a handbasin are all provided too. Across the aisle sits the shower cubicle.

The Laser’s washroom helped it secure the best caravan for families category at the Practical Caravan Awards 2023. In fact, when we saw it, we thought it was so impressive that we needed to remind ourselves we weren’t in an upmarket hotel.

There’s enough room to get dressed in, while the lighting is excellent, thanks to a large roof light and the interior lighting. The caravan manufacturer has moved the salad-bowl-style basin to the offside too.

Washroom in Coachman Laser 665
The washroom in the Coachman Laser 665

A rectangular shower cubicle also sits next to a big wardrobe.

Storage: Compass Camino 650 vs Coachman Laser 655

We were particularly impressed by the Camino’s storage, judging it to be ‘excellent’ for two when we reviewed it, and “pretty good” for four on tour – take the bedroom, where underbed storage, twin wardrobes and overhead lockers are all provided. The front of the van comes with some deep overhead lockers too, perfect for those essential caravan accessories.

Storage shouldn’t be a problem in the 665 either. For instance, there are externally accessible areas beneath the two beds at the rear, as well as an area beneath the nearside front settee. Then there are two large overhead lockers in the lounge and nine – yes, nine – in the rear bedroom, ideal for any luxury caravan accessories you want to take.


These two tourers both come with a similar payload and were winners at the Practical Caravan Awards 2023.

So if you’re undecided between the two twin-axle vans, what will help you decide? Well, firstly, think about their respective sizes – if you’d rather not tow an 8ft-wide caravan, the Laser could be the one for you, with its excellent washroom offering a comfortable touring experience.

However, if a highly practical floor plan and settees that our reviewer dubbed “sumptuous” appeal, the Compass could be ideal. There’s also the SoLiD construction system to think about. Also, do you have a preference on the rear beds? Would you rather have an island bed or single beds at the rear of the tourer? That could be a deciding factor.

One thing is for sure though – whichever model you settle on, you’re certain to have a brilliant base for some highly enjoyable tours.

Take a look at our reviews of the Compass Camino 650 and Coachman Laser 665 for more.

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