REVERSING CAMERAS have been around for many years and have proved particularly popular with drivers of large vehicles and motorhomes, but much less so with caravanners.


One of the main reasons for this is that additional wiring had to be run between the tow vehicle and the rear of the caravan. Recently however, we were shown a very neat model – Trailer Vision – which in addition to having a colour camera and monitor is also wireless.


Easy to fit, easy to transfer

This means that it is extremely easy to fit, as I found out when I fitted one to our Sprite Alpine project caravan. Operating on either 12V or 24V, two further advantages of the system are that being wireless means that it is interference-free and can also be easily transferred between vehicles.


It is worth pointing out that the caravan does not have to have reversing lights. All that’s required is for there to be the necessary wiring in the 12S or 13-pin plug. All caravan manufacturers wire both plugs for reversing lights so that they can be used on caravans regardless of whether they have reversing lights. Where the caravan does not have them the cable is terminated at the terminal block under or in the caravan.


The Trailer Vision costs £299.99, including VAT and carriage, from RoadPro Ltd.


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