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Train travel is probably a last resort for many Practical Caravan readers, but if the urgent need to book a train journey does arise, the latest version of TheTrainLine app should make it as easy as possible.

The TheTrainLine app, which is available for both iPhone, Android and other smartphones, offers both journey planning, timetable and price information for mobile users, with the option to download timetables for offline use — handy for when you’re in the middle of nowhere with no mobile signal.

Usefully, the app also allows tickets to be purchased online for later collection from a self-service ticket machine at a station — and again, internet access isn’t required to pick up purchases.

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The app’s reviews seem to be mixed so far, with users seemingly split between thinking it’s either great or awful. As with all iPhone and Android app reviews though, other users’ opinions need to be taken with a pinch of salt and since TheTrainLine is a free download, it’s worth trying it out for yourself if you travel by train a lot.