Buying a luxury caravan used to mean being limited to heavier models, but Lunar changed all that in the early 1980s, when the introduction of lighter cars indicated a change of direction in tourer design and they went lightweight themselves.

The manufacturer pioneered the use of the aluminium chassis, even supplying them on the Buccaneer at one time. 

Building a reputation for lightweight, yet well-equipped, caravans meant that Lunar’s Clubman range, in particular, would rapidly develop a loyal following.

In 2009 blacked-out privacy windows were added, while ATC and blown-air heating were fitted as standard. Clubmans were well specified and our model here, the CK, had a particularly good washroom and lighting levels.

We checked out a trade buy – that is, a model that’s in need of some attention. Now this is not overly typical of the 2009 Clubman range, but it was repairable, and the van in fact sold a few days later. 

Model history

The Clubman has a long and successful track record, and at almost 45 years old, it’s the longest-running line-up in the UK – such is its popularity, in both the new and the pre-owned markets.

The CK is an end-washroom model which sleeps two; it’s a great tourer for couples, very spacious and extremely comfortable. In addition, it has been around since 1985, so it’s well proven to say the least. 

The Clubman range numbered four layouts, all four-berths, except for the CK we are looking at here. They came with a host of extras, including a dual-fuel hob, full oven, microwave, exterior barbecue point, ATC, smart alloys and a spare wheel. Status TV aerial and CD/radio were all part of the offering. Yet the caravan weighs in at less than 1400kg!

This means smaller-engined cars can tow it, but you don’t have to skimp on kit. With this reputation, it’s hardly surprising that pre-owned Clubman remains a good buy.

Buyer’s checklist

  • Check back panel for damp/floor area
  • Check floor delamination in kitchen
  • Check for scuffed alloy wheels
  • Check for cracking rear ABS panels
  • Check for furniture edging coming away

What to pay

Our example had been well cared for, but did have some damp issues, and a missing Truma heater casing. But the price was cheap! Checking around, we found CKs from £7495 to £8995. Ours even had a mover fitted and with the problems sorted out, it was a good used buy.


The Clubman CK has plenty to offer if you’re looking for a lightweight tourer for not much cash. Our example was in generally good condition – except for a couple of issues that could be put right at minimal cost – making this a good buy, and it has a mover fitted. Plenty of storage and a great washroom are part of the appeal. Check carefully and you shouldn’t go far wrong with the 2009 Clubman range.


2009 Lunar Clubman CK

  • Price: £6995
  • Berths: 2
  • MiRO: 1149kg
  • Payload: 166kg
  • MTPLM: 1315kg
  • Internal length: 4.80m
  • Width: 2.29m


The Abbey GTS 215 is a luxury tourer with a more modern interior; 2007 models can be found for £5995 or slightly more, depending on age and condition.

Or try the well-equipped Sterling Eccles Topaz from 2008, at about £7500.