How many of us have had to manually haul a caravan into position for hitching or pitching or into a tight spot and what would we have given at that moment to have had a motor mover installed? As well as saving your blushes when pitching – how is your reversing? – they assist with hitching up and with security by enabling you to turn the caravan around for the hitch to face the garage door, wall, or fence when it is returned to the drive or storage.

There are two main types of caravan motor mover, the axle-mounted mover and the hitch version. The axle-mounted mover comprises a frame bolted to the van’s chassis, with a 12V electric motor, and a roller unit at each end, which make contact with the wheels. Using the caravan leisure battery as the power source (don’t have the van plugged into the mains), the rollers operate against the individual tyres to manoeuvre the caravan. Contact between the rollers and the tyres is done either by using a lever or electronically. The caravan is manoeuvred via a remote control unit. On a twin axle caravan four motor movers can be fitted. Fitting costs start at around £100.

The hitch version has a large wheel with a motor and a battery attached, and a long arm which fits underneath the hitch and by which you manoeuvre the caravan. These are best used on totally flat surfaces and are often used in dealerships to move caravans around.

Things to consider when choosing a motor mover

MTPLM. The weight of the motor mover will be deducted from your caravan’s user payload. Can you still carry everything you need for your trip and be within the caravan’s payload limit? It’s unsafe to overload your caravan when towing and if you had an accident it could impact on your insurance payout.
Noseweight. An axle-mounted caravan mover is usually mounted forward of the axle, between the wheels and tow hitch, increasing your van’s nose weight. Can your car handle the increased noseweight? NB Fitting the motor mover behind the axle can subject the mover to damage from gravel, grit and such like. It can also interfere with accessing jacking brackets, which are usually located behind the axle, and if your spare wheel is stored underneath the van behind the axle you will need to consider relocating it.
Ground clearance. The minimum industry standard for ground clearance is 150mm. If your chosen motor mover reduces this to below 150mm, it could be damaged going over a speed bump or by hitting a pothole.
Ensure your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure when fitting the mover.
Choose a motor mover with the soft start/stop feature. It makes manoeuvring less jerky and is easier to use when trying to fit the caravan into a tight space
A fully charged 85Ah leisure battery can do the job of powering the mover, but some manufacturers recommend a bigger, 110Ah, battery. You may need to upgrade your battery and should factor this into your costs.
Some movers can be removed and refitted when you upgrade to a new caravan

The National Caravan Council has a Code of Practice (305) for the design specification and installation of motorised movers. This CoP ensures the mover meets requirements such as tackling a 15% gradient both up and down hill and providing isolation switch for the movers power supply. The installer should provide a checklist and declaration of compliance.

Five elements to an axle-mounted motor mover:

  1. Isolation switch
  2. Remote control
  3. The roller assemblies
  4. The control box, which tells the rollers which way to turn and how fast
  5. Your caravan’s leisure battery

Best caravan motor movers

Powrtouch Freedom

Price from £639

• Weight of 35kg including all fittings
• Flat surface max caravan weight 1500kg
• Average current 20 Amps
• Maximum current 80 Amps
• Leisure battery minimum 85Ah (110Ah recommended)
• Adaption brackets available for fitment to non-standard chassis
• High-strength, high-grade steel reduction gearbox giving improved power delivery
• Cross actuation engagement system engages both rollers from one side
• Can move caravans weighing 1500kgs on a 1-in-4 slope (such as levelling ramps)
• Hard-wearing aluminium roller construction to save weight
• Soft start Powr drive control
• 360-degree directional precision control with 4 speed settings
• Multifunction handset and base unit warning indication system
• 5-year ‘no quibble’ warranty

The Powrtouch Freedom caravan mover is designed for single-axle caravans with Al-Ko or BPW chassis that have shock absorbers fitted or have a narrow gap (less than 105mm) between the chassis and the tyre. It is fitted with a reduction gearbox to provide more moving power to the caravan wheels. In ideal conditions this model should move a 1500kg caravan up a 1 in 4 slope.

BUY IF … you’re van is small and has shock absorbers fitted

For small single-axle vans with or without shock absorbers

Powrtouch Evolution

Price from £825

• Manual or automatic electronic engagement
• Operational voltage 12V DC
• Average current consumption 20A
• Max current consumption 80A
• Speed 28cm per sec
• Extruded, lightweight aluminium rollers
• Four-pole electric motor
• Soft start
• Back-up cable
• Five year parts and labour ‘no quibble’ warranty
• Available with manual and automatic engagement
• Permissible overall weight 2800kg
• Permissible overall weight 15% grad 2300kg
• Permissible overall weight 20% grad 2100kg
• Permissible overall weight 25% grad 1800kg
• 30kg weight
• Automatic has remote-control shaped like a caravan floor plan with A-frame
• UK made

Powrtouch Evolution models include Twin (for twin axles), AWD (all-wheel drive) and Freedom (for chassis with shock absorbers). There’s an automatic cut-off function if the unit has not been used for 20 minutes, low battery indicator, motor overload protection. Typical weight is around the 30kg mark and it can handle weights of up to 2800kg MTPLM. There is a nationwide network of official fitters or you can fit yourself. Fitting is around £100.

BUY IF… you’re looking for a lightweight, powerful mover

It can be upgraded from a manual to an automatic.
Can be transferred to your next caravan

Find out more about the Powrtouch Evolution

Purpleline e-go Plug and Play

Price from £999.95
For continental caravans with no leisure battery

• Operating voltage 12V DC
• Ave current consumption 19A
• Max current consumption 84A
• Weight (2 motors) 24kg
• Speed 12cm per sec
• Safe Working Load (SWL) 2250kg (2 Motor), 3500kg (4 Motor)
• Min width caravan 1800mm
• Max width caravan 2500mm
• Engagement Method Lever
• Soft start
• Battery pack

The e-go PLUG & PLAY is a detachable remote control caravan mover. All that is attached to the caravan is the crossbar. When you want to use the mover system you attach your motors and portable power pack. Once attached, the power pack case, which includes a Quattro® electronics motherboard and a battery for powering the motor movers, is plugged into the movers and you are ready to go. This means you do not need to travel with your motor movers attached, especially helpful if you have poor ground clearance and want to restrict your payload.
In transit you are carrying just 8kg on your caravan when you are not using the motor mover. Most competent DIY-ers can fit it themselves.

BUY IF… you’re looking for a removable mover

You lose just 8kg of your payload
Can be transferred to your next caravan
Can be used on single-axle and twin-axle vans


Purpleline Quattro Titanium

Price from £899.95 per pair

• Operating voltage 12V DC
• Ave current consumption 25 Amps
• Max current consumption 76 Amps
• Weight (inc fittings) 35kg
• Speed 12cm per sec
• Safe Working Load (SWL) 2250kg (2 Motor), 3500kg (4 Motor)
• Min width caravan 1800mm
• Max width caravan 2500mm
• Leisure battery 12V (Min 85Ah – rec 110Ah)
• Engagement method single lever
• Dual Wheel Engagement Yes
• 5 year ‘no quibble’ warranty
• Soft start

The Quattro Titanium has been designed to save weight, up to 10kg (the weight of cabin luggage allowance), an important consideration for caravanners. Hollow cast-alloy rollers, a tailor-made crossbar and a lightweight alloy body has the Quattro Titanium weighing in at only 23kg per two motors without compromising the build quality, strength, longevity or ease of use of the mover. The Quattro Titanium includes dual-wheel engagement, meaning that this manual engagement motor mover can be fully engaged from either side of the caravan or trailer.
The Quattro Titanium uses Quattro® technology. A modular system, featuring soft-start.

BUY IF… you’re looking for a lightweight, powerful mover for a big van

It can be operated manually and automatically
Can be transferred to your next caravan
Can be used on single-axle, twin-axle and AWD

Find out more about the Purpleline Quattro Titanium

Enduro 2 Quattro Caravan Motor Mover

Price From £589.00

• Operating voltage 12V DC
• Avg current consumption 19A
• Max current consumption 84A
• Weight (2 motor) 30kg
• Speed 11.45cm per second
• Safe working load (SWL) 2250kg (2 motor), 3500kg (4 motor)
• Min width caravan 1800mm
• Max width caravan 2500mm
• Leisure battery 12V (min 84Ah-rec 110Ah)
• Engagement method Single lever
• Dual Wheel Engagement Yes
• Soft start
• 5 year parts and labour warranty

Enduro 2 has a simple-to-use remote control that can direct the caravan into any position including turning it through 360° degrees. It works on most surfaces in most conditions giving you control on inclines and descents and when hitching and unhitching.
The Enduro 2 uses the Quattro® modular system, featuring soft-start. The system allows retro-fit upgrades so that a twin system can be upgraded to All Wheel Drive at any time.

BUY IF… you’re looking for a cheaper mover for a twin-axle van

It can be upgraded to an All Wheel Drive system

AL-KO Mammut

Price from £959

Available for single-axle and for twin-axle models

• Operating voltage 12 Volt DC
• Average current consumption 20 amps
• Maximum current consumption 100 amps
• Remote control transmitter frequency 868 MHz
• Speed approx. 9 cm per second
• Weight (2-motor set) approx. 37kg (without battery)
• Max. total weight of single-axle models (2 motors) 1800kg (1500kg at 18% slope)
• Max. total weight of tandem-axle models (2 motors) 1800kg (1500kg at 18% slope)
• Max. total weight of twin-axle models (4 motors) 2500kg (1800kg at 18% slope)
• Minimum width caravan 1800mm
• Maximum width caravan 2500mm
• Maximum tyre width 205 mm
• Leisure battery LiFePO4: 12V, 20Ah // lead: 12V, 70Ah (min.)
• Soft start
• Maximum ground clearance
• 5 year warranty

Ideal for moving in confined space and on gradients up to 28%. The control electronics are integrated into the aluminium casing and are protected against damage and moisture (IP65). The housing also improves heat dissipation and longer manoeuvres are possible even at high temperatures and loads, thanks to the extended power-on time. Joystick remote control.

BUY IF… you’re looking for a compact, powerful mover

Available for single-axle and twin-axle
Precise movement, immediate stop on slopes
Maximum ground clearance

Find out more about the AL-KO Mammut


Prices From £1049.00

• Weight 30kg (1.8), 32kg (2.3)
• Climbing ability (1.8) 15% at 1800kg / 28% at 1200kg
• Climbing ability (2.3) 15% at 2300kg / 30% at 1200kg
• Single-side operation automatic
• Power consumption on straight road 20A
• Warranty 5 years
• Remote control is a two-way handset
• app for smartphone
• Reduced height

Reich has a range of movers for single- and twin-axle caravans, with manual or automatic roller engagement. The Pro 2.3 is its top single-axle model, operated via a handset with two-way communication that gives warning signal feedback diagnosing any fault.
The electric isolation switch is ideal for caravans (such as recent Baileys) where the battery is stowed in the floor.
In the UK it has support via the MCEA (Mobile Caravan Engineers Association).

BUY IF… you’re looking for a precise, powerful mover

Available for single-axle and twin-axle
Easy manoeuvring in tight spots
Compact and simple

Find out more about the Reich Easy Driver


Price £2,099.00 (includes professional fitting)

• Operating voltage 12V DC
• Average power consumption approx. 28A
• Maximum power consumption 150A
• Quiescent current consumption < 80 mA (plug/adapter plugged in) < 0.15 mA (plug/adapter not plugged in)
• Speed approx. 17cm per second
• Remote control for manoeuvring
• Radio frequency Class 2, 868 MHz
• Max. climbing capacity 13% with 2300kg
• Weight approx. 28kg
• Automatic stop function
• Smooth acceleration via Truma Dynamic Move Technology
• Maximum weight advantage of 20kg
• 5-year Truma parts warranty
• Electric swivelling manoeuvring system with two motors for single-axle caravans up to 2300kg

Mover XT allows you to manoeuvre a caravan accurately, smoothly and safely around corners and bends and onto parking spots. The manoeuvring system keeps the caravan on track even with obstacles on one side. It’s compact and lightweight and can turn the caravan 360 degrees.
The XTworks reliably on any surface. The brushless motors are powerful, highly efficient and extremely light. The device and battery together save up to 20kg.
The remote control is intuitive to operate. Control the speed with the slide control and change direction with the control knob. The caravan stops moving as soon as you release the control knobs. An acoustic signal is given when the Mover XT is switched off but not yet swivelled away.

BUY IF… you’re looking for a precise, top-of-the-range mover

Available for single-axle and twin-axle
Intuitive remote control
Competent over any surface

Find out more about the Truma Mover XT

Leisurewize E-move EM303

Price from: £575.00

• Charging voltage 12V DC
• Average current consumption 20A
• Maximum current consumption 100A
• Speed approx 9cm per sec
• Weight approx 37.2kg (including all fittings)
• Maximum total weight single-axle 1800kg (1600kg on 18% slope)
• Maximum total weight twin-axle (2 motors) 1800kg (1600kg on 18% slope)
• Soft start/stop technology
• Solid aluminium drive rollers
• Suitable for single- and twin-axle
• Safe Working Load: 2250kg on flat Tarmac
• Dashboard display handset which lets you know if the battery is low or the motor is overloaded.
• Optional upgrade can allow the EM303 to be used from your smart phone.
• 5 year warranty with professional fitting

The EM303 is an easy-wind manual engage motor mover. The mechanism engages both wheels at the same time, handy if you are parked up against a hedge, and allows adjustment to the condition of your tyres. It also has the all-season covers, which protect it against road dirt and the elements. Great for all season caravanning.

BUY IF… you’re prone to losing remote controls

Available for single-axle and twin-axle
Easy-wind manual engagement

Find out more about the Leisurewize E-move

Leisurewize E-move EM305 Auto

Price rrom £899

• Charging voltage 12V DC
• Average current consumption 20A
• Maximum current consumption 100A
• Speed approx 9cm per sec
• Weight approx 35.1kg (including all fittings)
• Maximum total weight single-axle 2000kg (1750kg on 18% slope)
• Maximum total weight twin-axle (2 motors) 2000kg (1750kg on 18% slope)
• Diagnostic handset giving low battery indicators for leisure battery and handset
• Fully automatic dual roller engagement.
• E-Cover all season protection for motor and engagement
• Soft stop/start technology for jerk-free manoeuvring
• Solid aluminium drive rollers
• Suitable for single or twin axle caravans (use 2 movers for full directional control on a twin axle)
• E coating paint work and full cover
• 5 year parts and labour warranty when professionally fitted
• Optional smartphone operation
• Safe Working Load: 2450 kg Tarmac /2000kg sand and gravel. (2 motors) on the flat

If you have a twin-axle caravan or single-axle caravan weighing over 1800kg this mover will shift it. The EM305 is the super-power champion of the caravan mover range: it keeps going when the rest have given up and thrown in the towel. It’s strong, powerful, but also light.

BUY IF… you’re looking for a mover that can handle big vans

Available for large single-axle and twin-axle vans
Strong, powerful and light

Find out more about the Leizurewize E-move

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