When asked what he’d learned after a year of building caravans, Managing director of Stealth Caravans Alex Murphy said ‘we’ve learned that there’s no point reinventing the wheel’. Fans of these quirky, top-end tourers need not fear however. Stealth has not gone mainsteam.

For 2011, Stealth has added some caravan industry know-how to its unique take on the touring market. With two NEC shows under its belt, the Stealth products are being refined and the company is listening to customers.

‘People found it difficult to work out what the letter and number designation for each model meant, so we’ve opted for names for each trim level and a letter for each layout’ Alex explained.
‘We’ve also make more of the equipment optional, to bring down the price and allow customers to choose what equipment they want’

New for 2011, these have a offside fixed bed, rear washroom and a more conventional front lounge. There are still plenty of standout design touches for those who want a stand-out caravan. High gloss surfaces, metallic locker door finishes and the trademark pointed nosecone remain part of the package, although a front window and more body graphics mean they look a little less stark on site. Weights are again, subject to confirmation but Stealth expects the Q-Class tourers to be roughly in line with the weights of Stealth’s X-Class models of the same body length. Q-Class is available in two body lengths of 5.8m single axle and a 6.3m twin-axle. Additionally, the Q63 is available as a four berth or a six-berth at additional cost.

The three trim levels are Valiant, Intrepid and Defiant. Put simply these are the bottom, middle and top specification models in the Stealth ranges.

Valiant has a good level of kit, but going up to the Intrepid model gets an remotely operated alarm, spare wheel and carrier and an upholstery upgrade. Defiant gets both those plus an Al-Ko Secure wheel lock, tracking system and different trim. The Truma Combi boiler system is not fitted to any other UK caravans but is fitted to all Stealth models. Defiant models get more powerful 6Kw version however.

The new models will be on display at the three showrooms in Bedford, Flixborough and Warminster in September. Call ahead to ensure the model you want to see is onsite on 01234 272445.


Q58 Valiant – £15843
Q58 Intrepid – £17249
Q58 Defiant – £18985
Q63 Valiant (4B) – £16753
Q63 Intrepid (4B) – £18749
Q63 Defiant (4B) – £21129
Q63 Valiant (6B) – £17248
Q63 Intrepid (6B) – £18974
Q63 Defiant (6B) – £21624


The new layouts will make more sense to more caravanners but these are still a very niche product. If you like the styling, they are definitely worth a closer look.