Price range: £16,195-£21,395



The Lexon range also waves goodbye to two models this season: two-berth 420 and four-berth 520. In their place are two whopping twin-axles with end washrooms: the four-berth, fixed-twin-bed 640 and the fixed-double-bunk 650.



The range benefits from Lunar’s biggest overhaul for 2013. Outside, improvements include stylishly redesigned front and back panels with integrated LED lights and a redesigned, larger gas locker. Shock absorbers and the Al-Ko ATC anti-snaking system are now standard for the range. The front windows are larger than last year’s and the kitchen lockers are deeper.



Crucially, Lunar has introduced the premium Alde wet central heating system, which improves the year-round caravanning credentials of the range.



Competitors to Lunar Stellar/Lexon in the upper mid-market sector include Elddis Affinity, Sterling Eccles SE and Swift Challenger SE.



2013 Lunar Stellar/Lexon range




Two berths. Rear kitchen, offside corner washroom floor plan. Price £16,19. MTPLM: 1235kg



Lexon 530

Four berths. Nearside rear fixed bed, offside corner washroom, offside midships kitchen floor plan. Price £18,99. MTPLM: 1485kg



Lexon 540

Four berths. End washroom, nearside rear fixed bed, offside midships kitchen floor plan. Price £19,295. MTPLM: 1495kg 



Lexon 560

Four berths. Rear transverse fixed island bed, nearside midships kitchen, offside midships washroom floor plan. Price £19,295. MTPLM: 1475kg 



Lexon 640 (twin axle) NEW

Four berths. End washroom, twin fixed single beds, offside midships kitchen floor plan. Price £21,395. MTPLM: 1694kg 



Lexon 650 (twin axle)

Five berths. End washroom, offside fixed bunks, offside midships dinette, nearside midships kitchen floor plan. Price £21,395. MTPLM: 1695kg



Star van: Lunar Lexon 560

Since its launch during the last model year, the 560 has proved to be the best-seller in the Lexon range. The original layout has a transverse island bed across the back, flanked by twin wardrobes. A full-size front lounge and roomy midships washroom and kitchen complete the layout.



What was already a premium couples’ tourer has got even better, thanks to this season’s additions. Outside, buyers are rewarded with a completely overhauled exterior. The construction includes single-piece aluminium sidewalls, and redesigned full-height rear and curved front panels. There is also a noticeably larger, redesigned front locker, shock absorbers and Al-Ko ATC.



Improvements inside include 25% larger front windows, 87% deeper lockers and Alde wet central heating. The velour-covered soft furnishings are aimed squarely at Lexon’s core customers, and warm wood-effect lockers with metal trim look contemporary, while retaining a traditional touch. Overall it now looks just as good outside as it has always done inside.



Lovers of this distinctive layout will be hard-pressed to find a better choice, which is why it sold so well in the past 12 months. Swift is launching a transverse island-bed, but it is unlikely to be as lightweight, making the Lexon the better option if you want to tow with a family car.



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