The majority of caravan owners are failing to carry out simple security measures and are subsequently making them easier to steal, it has been revealed.

A study, conducted by, looked at 34,680 premiums and found that while the majority of caravan owners place a lot of value in their vehicles, they’re failing to equip their vehicles with alarms and trackers.

A caravan being secured

The majority of caravan owners are failing to carry out some simple security measures

In fact, it was revealed that only 16% of caravans have trackers fitted, while over half (52.6%) are without an alarm.

Fitting an alarm and tracker could not only help to save a lot of anguish down the line, but might also help to lower the cost of your premiums.

Where do you store your caravan?

The study also looked into where people are storing their caravans when they’re not in use.

The majority of owners keep theirs on their driveways (33.9%) but some opt for specialist storage (24.3%) and others prefer caravan parks (18.2%).

Only 0.7% choose to park on the road – this is normally considered to be the riskiest approach, which results in policy fees increasing.

Tips for keeping your caravan safe

If you’re looking for ways to increase your caravan security, try these simple tips.

  • Before going out, make sure your caravan’s doors, windows and roof windows are all closed and locked.
  • Having a good quality wheel clamp and lock can deter thieves – good lighting and even installing CCTV cameras could also help.
  • Avoid having any valuables in your caravan – especially on display!
  • If you’re thinking of storing it at a site, do some research and ask your insurers if there are any recommended ones.
  • Fitting trackers, alarms and immobilisers should all be within your budget, and could help to deter thieves and help to recover it, should your caravan be stolen. They can also help to lower your insurance price.

Greg Wilson, founder of said “Even though August bank holiday is coming up fast caravanners still have time to make small security changes that will make a big difference to safeguarding their home from home now and over the lifetime of the caravan.”

“If you install a tracker or alarm or you can find a safer place to keep your caravan, let your insurer know and see if you can get a discount. A small investment in security can pay itself off very quickly.”

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