Caravan owners have been warned that storm damage costs an average of nearly £4,000 per incident.

After analysing three years of internal data from storm-related claims, Ripe Caravan Insurance has found the average cost comes to £3,947.11. This is after factoring in storm damage caused by falling trees, torn awnings and even having the roof ripped off a caravan.

In total, storm-related incidents make up around 9% of insurance claims that are submitted, proving more costly than an average damage claim.

Now, Ripe is encouraging caravanners to take some steps to help prevent any storm-related issues.

John Woosey, founder of Ripe Caravan Insurance, commented: “For caravan owners, an incoming storm is not just a headache, it’s a real cause for concern. Most caravans are designed to withstand a range of weather conditions, but the unpredictable nature of a severe storm can leave them exposed and vulnerable.”

1. Buy a cover

The best caravan covers help to protect your tourer from flying debris, including gravel and stones, as well as the wind and rain.

2. Close the doors and windows

Double check you’ve shut the doors and windows before a storm, as even leaving a small gap could lead to severe damage to your caravan.

3. Secure any loose outside items

Be sure to secure or move any loose items that strong winds could disturb, whether you’re leaving your tourer at a caravan storage facility, on your driveway or at a park. This includes items such as storage boxes, gas cylinders and children’s toys.

4. Avoid parking by trees

During the storm season, falling trees will commonly cause damage, so if you can, don’t park your tourer near a potential hazard.

5. Take your aerial down

Be sure to remove your caravan aerial if you have one before a storm hits – otherwise, the aerial and metal brackets could act as lightning conductors.

Ripe has previously warned caravanners to look out for a “common insurance mistake” that can cost them £4,000, while the insurance company also conducted research that revealed 10% of caravanners have towed with a passenger in their caravan.

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