Driving in dazzling sun is never a pleasant experience, especially when you’re towing a caravan.

It can be hard to see where you’re going and knowing what the driver in front of you is doing when there’s strong glare.

So, how can you prevent the sun from dazzling you while you’re driving?

Car towing a caravan

To help motorists stay safe on the road, we’ve spoken to LeaseCar.uk who are sharing their tips to make driving in bright or low sun an easier experience. 

Tim Alcock from LeaseCar.uk said: “On a bright spring or summer day, it’s important for drivers to carefully consider potential hazards on the road – the conditions can in fact be treacherous.

“Official government stats show that bright sun causes over 2,000 vehicle collisions a year, so we’re warning drivers to stay safe and have released crucial advice to help them.”

Lower your visors

The entire purpose of a sun visor is to block out any unwanted sunlight. Make sure you remember to use them – including those on the passenger’s side – to improve conditions.

Don’t forget, if you want to shield a side window, you’ll most likely be able to unclip a visor and rotate it 90 degrees.

Slow down

If it’s too bright, drive slower, in the same way you would if it was raining or sleeting. This will give you valuable extra time to react, should you need it. 

By the same token, you should also consider giving the vehicle ahead of you extra space. If you’re struggling to make out what signals other drivers are making, it could be incredibly dangerous.

Clean your windscreen

Give your windscreen and mirrors a clean before you set off, so they don’t have any smears or dirt on them. Otherwise, these can become both visible and obstructive when sunlight is shining directly onto them. Remember to keep your screen wash topped up too.

You should also ensure your dashboard is kept clear. Unsuspecting culprits like paper and food wrappers can all reflect sunlight, as well as more obvious offenders like glass.

Check for any cracks

Give your car a check before driving it in bright conditions, checking your windscreen and bonnet for signs of cracks, scratches and pits. These could all result in sunlight distorting your view. If in doubt, get a professional to have a look.

Polarising glasses

A handy way to reduce the sun’s rays could be a pair of polarised glasses. The filter in them helps to block out the reflected light – it’s worth investing in a pair that you can keep in your vehicle.

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