We all love having our creature comforts around us when on tour – but we like to take this a step further. Who says caravan holidays can’t be luxury holidays? We call it ‘glammavanning’. Well, it is glamorous caravanning, and we love enjoying life on the road and on site with as much luxury as we can muster. But who are ‘we’?

We’re Sarah Terry and Vicky Green. We’ve known each other for 15 years and along with our families and dogs, we love nothing more than hitching up our palaces on wheels and hitting the road. We might be relatively new to the world of caravanning, but we’re looking forward to many more years and we’re learning all the time.

Sarah has been caravanning with her husband, two dogs and (occasionally) her son for around six years, in the UK and France. She and her husband tow a 2012 Coachman VIP 545/4 which they’ve owned from new behind a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

“Whilst I realised that I would never have all of my creature comforts, I wanted to feel ‘nice'”, she says. “As I got to know caravanning better, I realised that everyone had their own version of ‘nice’ and took pride in their outfit. It struck me that whilst we are common, we glammavanners are underrepresented. I can easily find out about the best campsites in the UK, get all the facts and figures on particular caravans or spend hours online researching the best portable cooking devices out there – but where was our voice? I want to represent people like me who make the most of their caravanning experience and turn it into glammavanning.”

Vicky is an even newer convert to the world of caravanning – and glammavanning. “Our 2002 Elddis Broadway joined our family back in February 2014,” she tells us, “and even though she may not have the latest spec she likes to feel special!” She tours with her husband, two children and two dogs. “We’ve fallen head over heels in love with glammavanning.” 

We both love a bit of luxury and as we got into caravanning, realised that there was no place to access and share information about adding glamour to your van. There’s no shortage of glammavanners out there. We know there are loads of great things to share and we want to bring those secrets and ideas out into the wider caravanning community. We’re constantly hunting for new and exciting ways of adding some more glamour and luxury to our tourers, and we just love making new discoveries.

So, what can you do to go from caravanning to glammavanning? Here are our top tips – we’d love to hear your ideas!

  1. Don’t save your poshest perfumes and preening products for birthdays and anniversaries! Decant a small amount into some travel containers to feel ultra glam in your awning.
  2. Caravan hair can be scary. Don’t try and recreate your perfect ‘do’ in your miniature boudoir. Instead, invest in some glam clips and grips, and experiment with carefree styles.
  3. Pub meals can really bump up the cost of a weekend getaway. Cook a couple of your favourite meals at home and pop them in the slow cooker. Accompany with a posh bottle of something tasty for the ultimate in caravanning cuisine.
  4. Don’t settle for ‘caravan clothing’. Look at clothes you love but which are about to be renewed and upcycle your caravan wardrobe, giving it a new lease of life.
  5. Never drink out of anything plastic. Dust off your crystal and your porcelain tea cups, pack it carefully and enjoy!

Glammavanning is about taking the time to enjoy life with your favourite possessions. How do your make your tourer that bit more special, that bit more ‘you’? Get in touch on the Practical Caravan Facebook page, tweet us, chat on our Google+ page, or swap tips on the Practical Caravan forum