Introduced in 2012, the Astella remains at the top of Slovenian manufacturer Adria’s catalogue. Unlike the majority of its siblings, the flagship makes few concessions to the conservative British buyer: there’s a kitchen across the front of the van, rather than the expected parallel sofas, and a centrally placed, L-shaped lounge.

From there back, things get a little more conventional with an end washroom and either a nearside fixed double bed (for the Rio Grande) or, as here, a pair of fixed twin beds. But no one could accuse it of looking conventional: from its silver sidewalls to its roof-rails, its dark wood finishes to its leather and chrome, this is one stylish caravan.

The ‘Glam Edition’ tag may have been dropped from the Astella’s title for 2016, but the sense of glamour remains, outside and in. The range has a small but loyal band of followers. In an effort to increase their number, Adria has worked hard to broaden the appeal of the Amazon and the Rio Grande for 2016 by turning them from two- into four-berth models, with an additional double bed made up from the lounge sofa.

But the question remains: does the concept work for British buyers?

Another attempt to appeal to a wider audience can be found on the spec list: thanks to revised construction, the plated MTPLM is down by a whopping 175kg to 1825kg – and that is despite the addition of a 50-litre on-board water tank.

Nonetheless, this is one seriously hefty caravan, and one that will need a similarly hefty tow car – one weighing in at 2147kg if you prefer to stick to the two main clubs’ 85% rule for safe and secure towing – which is why it seems all the more unusual that Adria persists with a single axle for the Astella, when most vans of this type will be twin-axles on seasonal pitches. If you’re not worried about overall weight, and the standard 160kg payload seems a bit meagre, you can upgrade to a 2000kg MTPLM – giving a useful 335kg payload.

All of that mass sits on an Al-Ko Delta galvanised chassis, while the body features Adria’s ‘iShape’ family look with ABS front and rear panels and polyester sidewalls and roof finished in snazzy silver-grey. Thick Styropor insulation helps it to achieve EN1645 Grade 3 for thermal insulation.

The kit list is impressive, with seven-spoke alloy wheels, an external gas barbecue point, a two-part glazed entrance door and a huge double-glazed panoramic sunroof. Smart tail-light units and a high-level brake light contribute to the automotive look. And to see other Adria caravans for sale, click here.