Knaus has been around for more than 50 years, but didn’t hit the UK until the 1980s. However, over the past few years it has been working hard to establish itself and woo the British caravanner, and for 2016 it is bringing in a varied line-up of ranges and layouts. Topping that list is the Knaus Eurostar, a super-large twin-axle tourer that’s most likely to appeal to buyers looking to use it on a seasonal pitch.

The Eurostar has been heavily influenced by the Caravisio concept tourer; Knaus took the best bits and put them into the new flagship to give it a thoroughly modern look on the outside, plus contemporary interior design. The layout is a new take on the tried-and-tested double-dinette floorplan that’s been around since the mid-1960s.

Is this a caravan that you should shortlist? That depends on whether you can afford a starting price of over £36,000 (this van is £42,558 as tested), and there are limits to what you can legally tow it with on UK roads. So, is this a practical purchase? Read our Knaus Eurostar 650 ES review and find out.