Times they are a-changing at Swift at the moment. And we’re not just talking about minor tweaks, nips and tucks, here either – new upholstery, perhaps, or maybe a whizzy new set of graphics – but full-on seismic shifts.

We’ve already reported on how the mid-range big-sellers have been re-positioned, with Conqueror and Elite now closer than ever to Elegance and Continental, and Challenger and Eccles consolidated and massively overhauled. But Sprite has also had to move up in the rankings, making it the go-to model for those who can’t quite afford a Swift Challenger or Challenger SE, but who don’t want to feel short-changed in the luxury caravan stakes.

Swift hasn’t thrown the Sprite baby out with the bathwater, mind – the changes that have come the new models’ way for the new seasons aren’t always immediately obvious.

When you consider that most new caravans will also be sold with one of the options packs fitted, it’s clear that Sprite is no longer the super-lightweight bargain-priced first-timers’ caravan it once was, but rather a strong and well-established lower-middle foot soldier.

The question is: is it good enough to stand up to the new caravan models for 2016 its increasingly talented rivals? And to see other Sprite caravans for sale, click here.