OK, so we can’t seriously entertain paying[tl:gallery size=84×263] £300 for a floor-standing fan when models cost £14.99 from Currys, but we have to admit that the new AM02 Tower from Dyson (of bagless vacuum cleaner fame) is an interesting option for caravan owners.

Like the smaller (and cheaper — though not by much) desktop fans that went on sale last year, the Dyson AM02 Tower is fan that works without using any blades. Instead, it uses technology similar to that of jet engines (it says here) to blow air out of one side of its huge hoop 16 times faster than it was sucked in through the other.

The narrow floor-standing design is only 190mm wide, so the mains-powered AM02 Tower looks idea for squeezing into tight spaces to keep a sweltering van cool. The lack of spinning blades should make it quieter than a traditional fan too, not to mention safer — particularly if you have curious kids running around.

Oh, and if the dust-clogged blades of traditional fans are anything to go by, the Dyson should be easier to clean, too — although you could probably hire your own caravan fan-cleaner for this kind of money.

The Dyson AM02 Tower fan is available from selected high street stores and online, with free next-day delivery. Did we mention that it costs £300?

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