Over the years I’ve become increasingly fed-up with having to go outside to the pitch bollard to reconnect the electricity after either I or my wife has caused it to trip out because we’ve switched on too many mains appliances at the same time, writes Ron Horniblew.

My irritation finally reached the point at which I decided to find some way of overcoming the problem, and eventually did. All I had to do was fit a small fuse box, which would take one miniature circuit breaker (MCB), in the lead between the mains input socket and the caravan’s consumer unit.

In addition to the fuse box, I also bought one 6A, one 10A and one 16A MCB. Now, when we arrive on site, I ask what the amperage on the pitch will be, and fit the appropriate MCB. If the circuit is overloaded, the MCB trips out. I then switch off the last appliance we had turned on — the one that caused the overload — and flick the MCB back on.

The only problem I have is on those few sites that provide less than 6A. When I do stop on them, I make sure that we use gas instead of mains electricity for boiling the kettle and heating the water. Since fitting the fuse control last year, I am pleased to say that it has worked like a charm!

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