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If your only opinion on the Airstream Trailer is “I wouldn’t be seen dead in one”, then you’d better hope a misguided next of kin doesn’t stumble on the wares of this eBay trader after the grim reaper has called.

As you might have guessed from the photo, this is a scale replica of a classic Airstream Trailer design carved in wood, but this isn’t just an eight-foot long ornament for the caravanned who has everything — it’s a coffin.

The coffin comes from Ghana, where it’s something of a tradition to bury the dead in style — funerals are as much a time of celebration as a time of mourning, according to sources on the subject.

An extravagantly carved coffin that represents an aspect of the deceased’s life is reckoned to play a big part in this send-off and there are even stories about funerals being delayed while a suitable coffin is produced.

So, if you fancy bidding farewell to the world from the inside of a miniature four-berth caravan, you can for a Buy It Now price of just $1,750 (about £1,100), plus shipping from Africa.

Alternatively, a browse of the seller’s other items reveals that you could also be buried in a giant Duracell 9v battery, thought we’re not sure what that might represent…

[Airstream Trailer Fantasy Coffin from Ghana]