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Although you might have your own ideas about where people should stick their iPhones, the Gear4 AlarmDock Halo is perhaps a more constructive option for anyone who likes to use theirs as an alarm clock.

Plonk the AlarmDock Halo on your bedside table and you not only have a mains-powered recharger (9V, 2A, with a back-up battery) for your iPhone or iPod, but its built-in LED display and stereo speakers mean it also doubles up as a clock radio.

You can wake up to your favourite station using the FM tuner or music stored on the iPhone, and the supplied remote control means you can stick the AlarmDock Halo on the other side of the room and still work it without getting out of bed. There’s also a free app that lets you fiddle with various settings using the iPhone’s screen and display four different alarm clock styles.

The Gear4 AlarmDock Halo works with most iPhone and iPod models, and has an RRP of £99.99, although HMV is currently selling it for £69.99 with free UK delivery.