Switching to electric vehicles (EV) will be a crucial component of the UK’s bid to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, but it has been found that their current cost is proving prohibitive for more than half of UK families.

The government announced last year that selling new petrol and diesel cars will be banned by 2030. Yet for 55% of UK families, the current cost of electric or hybrid vehicles are restrictive and is believed to be the main reason as to why people don’t own one yet, a survey has found.

An electric car charging

The cost of electric vehicles is prohibitive for over 50% of families

The study, which polled over 3,000 members of Your Baby Club, also found only 13% of families have an electric or hybrid vehicle at the moment.

50% are also still on the fence as to whether their next car will be petrol or electric.

Despite this, 86% of families do have “some interest” in owning an electric or hybrid car in the future, while 35% are planning to have one as their next vehicle.

The big reason for the swing is that 59% believe the benefit of reducing pollution is well worth it, while 20% like the idea of the subsequent savings on the cost of fuel and maintenance. 

75% also think a ‘cleaner’ vehicle will teach their children an important lesson about sustainability.

However, the big sticking point at the moment is the price. 89% said they would be far more likely to buy an electric or hybrid car if they were priced in the same region as petrol vehicles. They felt offering more options and incentives for switching could make them more attractive.

22% also felt the lack of charging points would be a deterrent, yet the plans to make EV chargepoints an iconic sight on our roads could solve this issue.

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