Erwin Hymer UK has confirmed it is dropping the Compass brand for the 2024 season.

Xplore, Buccaneer and Elddis are all continuing, with the models getting an exterior refresh, courtesy of fresh decals. The caravan manufacturer, who was exhibiting at The Great Holiday Home Show last week, said that many of the dealers who have previously sold Compass models will now have Xplore tourers on their forecourts, with some taking on Elddis models instead.

For the new season, models across the Xplore and Elddis brands will come with a Dometic Midi Heki, as well as new interior upholstery – in Xplore, this will be a Sonara scheme.

Interior of Xplore
The new Sonara scheme in the Xplore 304 – image: Erwin Hymer UK

The Elddis Avante range will come with Jazz upholstery, while a ‘Hollywood’ bathroom mirror is now being included as an optional extra. In contrast, the Affinity models will include the mirror as standard, while its upholstery will be Opera.

Inside Elddis Crusader Borealis
The Symphony scheme inside the Elddis Crusader Borealis – image: Erwin Hymer UK

In the case of the Crusader range, the interior welcomes in the Symphony upholstery scheme.

The more luxury Buccaneer models will now come with an Akoya scheme, while all models across the three brands will include ABS handles where applicable.

Other brands were also exhibiting at The Great Holiday Home Show. Visitors got to see some of the new GT75 models from Bailey, while Swift had the Elegance Grande 780 and the Challenger Grande Exclusive 650L on display.

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