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4 tips for a better night’s sleep in your caravan

If there’s one thing anyone wants while on tour – beyond taking in some wonderful scenery, of course – it’s a good night’s sleep in your caravan.

To help you get some shut eye, we’ve spoken to The Fine Bedding Company’s Danielle Mason. She shares her sleeping tips to make sure everyone gets some tour rest and relaxation.

Caravan with sleeping bag as woman drinks tea

Image courtesy of The Fine Bedding Company

Level up

Making sure you check before you choose your spot will be crucial when touring. Getting to sleep will be a lot harder if your caravan is not level (and that’s before going into the impact that it could have on the fridge or sink).

Another consideration – it could be worth avoiding an east-facing pitch. The sun rises in the east and this could cause an unpleasantly hot environment to wake up in.

Cosy settings

Aim to make your bed as cosy as possible. After a long day of exploring, you probably do not want to be sleeping uncomfortably with the wrong bedding or an overly hot sleeping bag.

It’s also worth packing your pillow from home too. The body can become used to certain cues when drifting off, so using your usual pillow can be a great – and often overlooked – step on the way to falling asleep on tour.

Block out any noise

Earplugs are highly recommended. You have no idea how noisy the surrounding area may be, or how many people could wander past during the night. This will be especially pertinent if you sleep with the windows open.

With the sun rising early this time of year, a sleep mask will also come into its own, especially if you have curtains that are not particularly thick.

Stick to your usual routine

While everyone wants to let off some steam, it’s well worth sticking to as normal a routine as possible. If you normally read before bed or listen to a podcast, do that. This will help to keep your body’s internal clock running as normal, and tell your brain that it’s time for sleep.

If you’re touring with your children, the same applies for them too. Try not to let them go on iPads or similar electronic devices too close to bed, as the blue light will only stimulate them. Instead, why not let them listen to an audio book or read?

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