Love vintage caravans? Well how about this pristine classic outfit?

This 1962 Fiat 500D saloon and 1960 Levante Graziella 300 caravan were part of yesterday’s Bonhams auction at the 75th Goodwood Members’ Meeting, and clearly caught the imagination of many visitors, judging by the attention they attracted.

The outfit had a guide price of £25,000 to £30,000.

Tiny two-berth turns heads

What’s amazing is that this pint-sized, 57-year-old vintage caravan has never been used! Yes, really.

Not ‘little-used’ or ‘recently restored’, with this Levante Graziella 300 you can experience original 1960s caravanning in the 21st century.

It’s a two-berth tourer that is just three metres long and weighs only 400kg. Well, if your tow car is a Fiat 500, you can’t expect it to pull a twin-axle behemoth!

But once inside, thanks to its pop-up roof, there’s a decent amount of space. And with a window on each side plus light-coloured walls and cupboard doors, it makes the most of its diminutive proportions.

Layout-wise, the Graziella has a kitchen across the front, a wardrobe opposite the entrance door and a rear lounge/dinette that can be made up into a double bed. All of which has never been used.

Ready for some classic touring

Completing this eye-catching, all-Italian outfit is a tow car that’s almost in as immaculate condition as the caravan.

This 1962 Fiat 500D has had just one owner from new, has been garaged all its life, and is in original, unrestored condition.

Being left-hand drive, it’s perfect for hitching up and driving south in search of the sun. Indeed, it has a full-length sunroof, so its occupants can make the most of whatever heatwaves they encounter. Although with a 479cc engine, they might need to take sun cream, as progress will be relaxed at best.

However, with such a head-turning outfit, surely being seen is what it’s all about?