The new Beachy brand is one of many new innovations for 2022 from the German manufacturer, which also include a new range at the opposite end of the market and a new special edition range.

The Beachy is very much the brainchild of managing director Holger Schulz working together with a Danish design agency. It is intended to be a cross between a campervan and Hobby founder Harald Striewski’s first home-made caravan, and includes a large door in the rear panel.

The sub-range is being exported to the UK, but it includes some features that UK caravanners might not be expecting. The three models in the range, all of which have an end kitchen, also include a walk-in wardrobe, where you can put an optional Porta Potti, but there is no washroom. Heaters are also not included, even as a manufacturer-fitted optional extra. Hobby says this has helped to keep the price down, although UK prices are still to be announced.

Inside the caravan, fabric-covered baskets and linen cushions extend the beach idea, while settee backrests double up as mattress toppers.

The Beachy brand is being produced on the same production line as all other Hobby caravans, although it may be distributed through a different dealer network.

Other developments for the 2022 season include the Maxia, a new upmarket range which is Hobby’s first range completely designed by an external agency. It currently includes two models – the fairly conventional 495UL with a U-shaped seating area at the front, and the 660WQM, designed mainly for the Scandinavian market. This has a front kitchen, an island bed and an end washroom. Interiors have a strong Nordic look, wth stripped down surfaces, while the external shell features an anthracite-coloured design.

There is also the new Excellent Edition – a six-model range that builds on the existing Excellent and is aimed at young families. As with the Maxia it features a Scandinavian-style interior and much use of LED lighting.