The previous generation of Swift Conquerors had much to shout about when they were launched; distinctive silver sides, and the first to have a sunroof. However, as the Challenger SE pushed further upmarket, and then the Elegance was introduced, the Conqueror found itself being squeezed from both sides.

Clearly Swift must have been aware of this, because for 2016, the Challenger SE has been dropped, and the Conqueror has been given the Elegance’s SMART HT bodyshell, but without some of the Elegance’s bells and whistles.

The 650 is a new model for 2016. It has a rear bedroom which is accessed through his ‘n’ hers doors via the centrally located washroom. There are benefits to this, not least that any occupants of the front bed can access the washroom without disturbing those in the fixed bed. And to see other Swift caravans for sale, click here.