The dealer special caravan is, by nature, a very inviting prospect. Dealers love them because they get to pick the specification and interior trim to which their customers respond best. It also gives them a unique model range to sell, so customers who fall in love with a van they see on the forecourt cannot go somewhere else to get a keener price on the same van. If you love it, you’ll buy it. 

From a caravanner’s point of view, that’s good news, too. They get familiar layouts from leading manufacturers, but the dealer specials are reliveried, reupholstered and kitted out with manifold extras to build a unique version of a favourite, helping you stand out from the crowd on your caravan holidays.

This is certainly the case of the Swift Lifestyle 2, which is based on the Sprite Alpine 2. The really tempting bit for dealers, however, is that they set their own prices, which are calculated to make the extra specification hard to resist. 

The Swift Lifestyle range is sold exclusively by Marquis Caravans. Standard Sprites feel grown-up for budget tourers, but they fall short of being plush. That makes them ideal for adding the right extras and livening up their interiors. 

The 2014 Swift Lifestyle 2 is a classic end-washroom two-berth. It’s difficult to get a lot wrong with such a tried-and-tested configuration, but there is huge competition at this end of the market and that makes pricing and weight critical.