For a major leisure vehicle conglomerate manufacturing caravans and motorhomes, it’s surprising how little the Trigano brand name appears on its products.

One major exception now is awnings, but for a company that started making tents in 1936, perhaps this isn’t surprising.

Trigano’s full range of caravan awnings (known until 2014 as Eurovent) has been fully revamped, and is sold in the UK via Manchester-based Grove Products.

We tested the Panoramic 410 from the premium inflatable range.

This has a depth of 290cm and is 510cm wide, and features six interconnecting individual pods (four long, two short) that slide into the tubes to make the frame.

Some might find this laborious for an inflatable awning, but Trigano prefers it, partly because it means damage to any part of the airframe only involves replacing an individual valve or tube, and not the whole system.

Any extra air you feel might be necessary once the frame is in position can be introduced via a valve near the bottom of the tube, accessible from outside. A hand pump is supplied with the awning.

As a result, and despite the awning being heavier than some of a similar size, it was easy to pitch and went up, with the help of two seasoned awning erectors, in about 20 minutes.

The outside top-up hole proved very useful in making sure everything was as inflated and taut as could be.

The fabric is 300 denier ripstop polyester with a hydrostatic head of 10,000mm – this means it will be rainproof and waterproof under light pressure.

Once assembled, the awning looks the part, even if it does come in a fairly drab grey two-tone.

You do get fluorescent guy ropes, plus storm straps that clip on the outside.

The awning is sealed to the van’s side with poles.

The 410 has three doors across the front, the middle one of which opens, plus doors at the side designed to accommodate people using a mobility scooter – a thoughtful touch which means there are no trip hazards.

The PVC windows have detachable mesh panels that fold back, but there are no verandah poles.

Ventilation in these caravan awnings is improved with vents that can be strapped open, while a roof lining is included.

Extra tubes in the roof to keep it taut come with a suggested retail price of £13.80 each.

An annexe tent is available, with an RRP of £219, and this can be fitted on either side.

An inner tent, which fits in the awning or the annexe, costs £35.

This new-season caravan awning has a fixing height of 235-250cm, a pack size of 87cm x 40cm and it weighs 32kg.