The sale of electric vehicles (EV) reached new highs during September, with their increase in popularity seeing three sold for every new diesel car.

32,721 EVs took to the roads, figures released by the SMMT revealed, with the total for September far surpassing diesel sales.

In fact, the sale of diesel cars decreased from September 2020’s figure of 46,996 to stand at 10,658 for the same month in 2021, a 77.3% decrease.

These latest figures mean plug-in cars now account for 16% of all car sales that have occurred this year.

Previous fears about the frequency with which the batteries of EVs could run out of charge are seemingly abating, with the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, has said he wants EV charging points to become an iconic sight on our streets.

Commenting on the results, RAC director of EVs, Sarah Winward-Kotecha, said: “Against a backdrop of generally poor new car sales, September was a milestone month when it came to battery electric models with nearly as many sold in one month as were sold throughout the whole of 2019. Plug-in cars now account for 16% of all new car sales so far this year.”

“What’s more, sales of electric cars have eclipsed diesel sales by a huge margin with three battery electric cars sold for every one new diesel car that went onto the road. This now looks like the end of the road for diesel as nearly 67,000 fewer diesel cars were registered this September than was the case in September 2019, representing an astonishing 86% drop in just two years.”

“These figures show there’s clear momentum when it comes to electric car adoption in the UK, but had it not been for the chip shortage which is hampering new car production, the numbers may well have been even higher.”

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