Phil, a keen caravanner from Nottinghamshire, was elected by the Club’s National Council at its February meeting and has been an active Club member for more than three decades. During that time, he has held a number of posts at all levels, including on national committees.

Phil said: “I love the people, the friendliness and the enthusiasm of the Club. I meet old friends and make new ones, which to me is what the Friendly Club is all about.

“I’m always ready to welcome new campers, and offer help and advice to anyone who seeks it.”
He added: “I love meeting Club members everywhere I go and the atmosphere of Club Meets. My children have grown up with the Club, though these days it’s my grandchildren who enjoy camping with my wife Cath and I.”

In his new role, Phil will chair the Club’s Executive Committee, Management Committee and National Council.

The Club’s Director General, Sabina Voysey, said: “Phil is well-respected throughout the Club for his commitment and high standards and his professional approach to ‘Club business’.

“I never cease to be impressed by the work performed and the commitment shown by all our voluntary officers across the Club. Taking on the role of Chairman is a huge responsibility and I look forward to working with Phil, and the rest of the Executive Committee, guiding and shaping the Club through 2021 and beyond.”

Following his term as Chairman, Bob Talbot now becomes the Club’s Immediate Past Chairman. Meanwhile Chris Chester was elected as the new Vice-Chairman at the February National Council meeting.

Sabina added: “I would also like to thank Bob sincerely for his service during his time as Chairman. The coronavirus pandemic has provided many challenges during Bob’s tenure, and we have worked through them together to minimise the impact on the Club and its members.”