We haven’t had our Skoda Superb for long but nearly everyone on the team has towed with it, writes Alyson Warnock. No matter what van we put behind it, the Skoda performs solidly. This has already made it a firm touring favourite.

This month I put it to its biggest test when I hitched up our Sprite Musketeer TD and drove to Whitby in North Yorkshire. It was a return trip of well over 500 miles. The Sprite was a 78% match, which gave the Skoda an easy ride, even over the hilly moors.
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Though not as economical as its two-wheel-drive cousins, the 4×4 Superb still impressed me with fuel economy of 30.8mpg. Any car that can get my caravan from London to Whitby on one tank of fuel is economical in my book.

Towing on the motorway was easy as the Superb cruised at 60mph with little effort from me. I expected the windswept moors to be more of a challenge but, with only an occasional gear change, the Superb handled them with just as much aplomb. My confidence was bolstered further by the precise control it gave me and by how little it leaned through the corners.

Best of all, the Superb provides a comfortable drive. Even with a van in tow, the ride quality is smooth and all but the hardest jolts are absorbed. This allowed us to arrive on site after our long tow feeling relatively fresh. And we weren’t dreading the return journey.

Price £22,645
Power 170bhp @ 4200rpm
Torque 258lb.ft @ 1750-2500rpm
Kerbweight 1647kg
Towing limit 2000kg
Towball limit 75kg