Practical Caravan blog – Martin Roberts December 2016 - It's a slight diversion from caravans, but is this a use for Martin's tractor? (© Jenny Owen/Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

Is it a mid-life crisis?

Created on 24th February 2017

What's the weirdest tow car you've ever seen? The latest purchase by our Martin Roberts might just be it – and he's not sure why he bought it!

Practical Caravan – What makes a good tow car? – 1 - When testing to find out what tow car ability a model has, what characteristics are we looking for? Read on! (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

What makes a good tow car?

Created on 23rd February 2017

What tow car is the best? And what should caravanners be looking for when choosing a tow car? Find out with Practical Caravan's expert David Motton

Practical Caravan – Expect the unexpected at this week's NEC show – 0 - If you're off to the NEC Birmingham for this week's show, here's a taste of what you can expect! (© Simon Mortimer/Peter Baber/Practical Caravan)

Expect the unexpected at this week's NEC show

Created on 22nd February 2017

Bailey branches out, Lunar goes floral, Barefoot gets naked and a club is rechristened – read our report from the NEC Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show

The Practical Caravan Jaguar F-Pace review – 1 - 'Our' Jaguar F-Pace's R-Sport trim gives it quite an imposing stance (© Lizzie Pope/Practical Caravan)

Jaguar F-Pace first drive

Created on 21st February 2017

We've been itching to drive the Jaguar F-Pace, so when the chance came to try the 178bhp variant, we couldn't resist – what tow car potential does it have?

Practical Caravan blog – The other side – 1 - You'll know Practical Caravan's Tow Car Editor from his many tow tests and the Tow Car Awards (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

Once a caravanner, always a caravanner?

Created on 16th February 2017

As a committed caravanner, have you ever tried life in a motorhome? Practical Caravan's David Motton takes the plunge on a trip to Switzerland

Practical Caravan – February 2017 NEC show preview – 1 - As ever, there's lots to see at the February NEC show – read on for some ideas to get you started! (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

What's on at the NEC show?

Created on 15th February 2017

Are you off to the NEC Birmingham next week? Find out who's coming to the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show and start planning your trip today!

Practical Caravan – Me and my vintage caravan – 1 - True blues: Chris (left) and Cam painted the Sprite Alpine the same colour as their Rover P6 (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

A perfect match

Created on 14th February 2017

What's better than a vintage caravan? A colour co-ordinated classic outfit, of course! Check out this charming Sprite Alpine and its Rover P6 tow car

Practical Caravan blog – Martin Roberts November 2016 - Enjoy our Martin's light-hearted perspective on another area of caravanning etiquette (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

Party pooper?

Created on 2nd February 2017

It's the morning after the night before – but how much is too much information? Martin Roberts considers this tricky question of campsite etiquette

Practical Caravan – French 'clean air' stickers – what you need to know - If you visit France, make sure you get the knowledge about the new 'clean air' scheme (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

French 'clean air' stickers – what you need to know

Created on 1st February 2017

Love to visit France? Before you hitch up, here's our must-read blog about the country's new 'clean air' stickers – make sure you don't get fined!

Practical Caravan – Vintage caravan – The simple life – 1 - This ABI Monza 1200CT was entry-level touring in 1979 (© Andy Jenkinson/Practical Caravan)

The simple life

Created on 31st January 2017

Not everyone who tours in a modern van would swap its comforts for a vintage caravan, but that's what this couple did, restoring it to its former glory

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