Practical Caravan – How to prepare your tow car for winter 1 - Whether planning a low-season caravan holiday or not, be sure your tow car is winter-ready (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

How to prepare your tow car for winter

Created on 1st December 2015

A few quick, simple checks will help keep you safe on the road this winter – Practical Caravan's Tow Car Editor David Motton is here with a timely reminder

The Practical Caravan Suzuki Vitara S review 1 - The new Suzuki Vitara S has 138bhp and 162lb ft torque – order books open in December (© Suzuki/Practical Caravan)

Suzuki Vitara S review

Created on 25th November 2015

Ahead of the launch of the new Suzuki Vitara S, find out why our tow car expert David Motton thinks this 138bhp variant could be the pick of the bunch

Practical Caravan – Adria at 50 – 1 - Adria caravans have a long history in the UK – here we look back and celebrate these tourers (©  Adria/Practical Caravan)

Adria at 50

Created on 24th November 2015

The UK’s most popular foreign marque celebrates its half-century in 2015 – Group Editor Alastair Clements takes a trip to Slovenia to trace Adria’s origins

Martin Roberts Practical Caravan April 2015 - Read Martin Roberts' rallying call to all passionate caravanners, urging everyone to celebrate our wonderful pastime (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

For the love of caravanning

Created on 23rd November 2015

Shout about your love of caravanning from the rooftops – TV star and Practical Caravan columnist Martin Roberts recalls the time he first did exactly that

Practical Caravan blog – The 85% question 1 - With a 1245kg kerbweight, this Renault Captur can tow only lightweight caravans like this Eriba Touring GT (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

The 85% question

Created on 18th November 2015

Sensible outfit matching is crucial for safe towing but, asks our expert, do advances in technology mean we should change our thinking on the 85% 'rule'?

Practical Caravan's me & my Portafold caravan interview - on site - In British Racing Green and satin white, the Portafold matches Jeremy's Mini Van (© Practical Caravan)

An open and shut case

Created on 18th November 2015

Practical Caravan's Bryony Symes asks Jeremy Greenwood why he swapped from modern tourers to a 1970s folding caravan with almost no mod cons!

Martin Roberts Practical Caravan January 2015 - With so much to see at caravan shows, how can you take it all in? (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

Show stupor?

Created on 10th November 2015

Caravan shows are perfect for seeing and comparing many models in one hit, but if sometimes you find it too much, Martin Roberts knows exactly how you feel

Practical Caravan blog – A Highland fling 1 - Stunning scenery awaits if you tow to Scotland on your caravan holidays (© Bob Atkins/Practical Caravan)

A Highland fling

Created on 10th November 2015

Visit Scotland on your caravan holidays in 2016 – our tow car expert David Motton is bursting with ideas to make your trip an adventure to remember

Practical Caravan blog – A compact conundrum 1 - After towing with the new Jaguar XE, David Motton asks if it is style over substance (© Jaguar/Practical Caravan)

A compact conundrum

Created on 4th November 2015

Driving and towing with the new Jaguar XE has reignited the premium versus mainstream debate for our tow car expert David Motton – what do you think?

Martin Roberts Practical Caravan March 2015 - Enjoy our columnist's tongue-in-cheek look at the etiquette of marking your pitch on site (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

The territorial army

Created on 3rd November 2015

When you're touring, how do you mark your pitch? Martin Roberts takes a light-hearted look at the issue – here's to a more friendly caravanning experience!

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