Martin Roberts Practical Caravan August 2015 - Drama on tour for the Roberts clan – as ever, solved by a glass or two of wine, but not how you might expect (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

Learning the hard way

Created on 5th February 2016

The joy of owning a caravan is the chance to pop away for the weekend – but make sure you, your car and your tourer are ready, warns Martin Roberts

Practical Caravan blog – Kia Sportage review – 1 - Prices for the new, fourth-generation Kia Sportage start at £17,995 (© Kia/Practical Caravan)

Kia Sportage review

Created on 2nd February 2016

More practical, better to drive and usefully well-specced, the new Kia Sportage has a lot going for it – read more as our towing guru gets behind the wheel

Practical Caravan blog – BMW X1 review – 1 - Our Tow Car Editor drove the BMW X1 xDrive 25d which has 228bhp and is priced from £36,210 (© BMW/Practical Caravan)

BMW X1 review

Created on 27th January 2016

Driving the new BMW X1, Practical Caravan's expert David Motton is hoping to find a much-improved product and a more-convincing tow car – can it deliver?

Martin Roberts Practical Caravan July 2015 - Martin Roberts shares why he thinks caravan holidays are great for his kids – and we're sure you'll agree (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

The joy of back to basics

Created on 26th January 2016

For fun, freedom, adventure and discovery, there's nothing better for your children than caravan holidays, says Practical Caravan columnist Martin Roberts

Practical Caravan blog – Autonomous braking: the pros and cons – 1 - The Volvo XC90 uses a radar and camera system to detect obstacles ahead (© Volvo/Practical Caravan)

Autonomous braking: the pros and cons

Created on 22nd January 2016

With the rise and rise of in-car electronic nannies, Practical Caravan's Motty is ready to rant – but can they make your caravan holidays more safe?

Practical Caravan's Suffolk escape - 1 - Alastair Clements and his family decided to explore Southwold and the Suffolk coast on holiday (© Practical Caravan/Tim Andrew)

Treasures of the east: beach holidays in Suffolk

Created on 20th January 2016

If you’re looking for sun, sea, sand and family fun, it's time to discover the delights of caravan holidays in Suffolk, says Alastair Clements

Practical Caravan's Caravan MoT blog - 1 - A Dutch caravan MoT in progress: this Kip Greyline caravan is on the hydraulic lift at the Van der Villet Recreatie dealership (© Practical Caravan/Nigel Hutson)

Do we need a caravan MoT in the UK?

Created on 18th January 2016

In the Netherlands there are rules to make sure all caravans are roadworthy, says Nigel Hutson, so is it time for a caravan MoT scheme here in the UK?

Martin Roberts Practical Caravan February 2014 - Will the new year bring a new perspective on caravan holidays for Practical Caravan's columnist? (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

Should he stay or should he go?

Created on 15th January 2016

Would taking the touring out of caravan holidays make for less stressful getaways? Practical Caravan's Martin Roberts considers the pros and cons

Practical Caravan blog – New tow cars debut in Detroit – 1 - Mercedes-Benz revealed its new E-Class at the North American motor show (© Mercedes-Benz/Practical Caravan)

New tow cars debut in Detroit

Created on 13th January 2016

A Teutonic trio sparkles at the Detroit Motor Show 2016 and our expert David Motton is on hand to assess what tow car potential these showstoppers have

Practical Caravan's me & my giant Lego caravan - 5 - To beat the Guinness record for a Lego tourer, the lights had to work and the water had to run (© Practical Caravan)

Me and my giant Lego caravan

Created on 11th January 2016

Visitors to October 2015's NEC show were wowed by a full-size Lego caravan, and now Alastair Clements meets Ed Diment, director of the firm that built it

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