Practical Caravan – Mitsubishi L200 first drive 1 - A rare chance to test when towing on a launch (on track, hence no mirrors), gave insight into the L200's strengths as a tow car (© Max Earey/Practical Caravan)

Mitsubishi L200 review

Created on 29th July 2015

If you're looking for a do-it-all tow car, the new and much-improved Mitsubishi L200 might be what you need – David Motton has been behind the wheel

Martin Roberts Practical Caravan June 2014 - Have you also been baffled when needing to renew your caravan's leisure battery? (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

Bewildered by batteries

Created on 29th July 2015

Buying a new leisure battery for his caravan proved to be a rather more daunting than expected process for Practical Caravan columnist Martin Roberts

Practical Caravan – New Škoda Superb review 1 - We loved the previous generation Škoda Superb and now we've driven the 2.0 TDI 150PS Estate version of the brand-new model (© Škoda/Practical Caravan)

New Škoda Superb review

Created on 28th July 2015

Škoda reckons the new Superb is the best car it has ever made but, asks Alastair Clements, will it appeal to caravanners like the much-loved old model?

Me and my caravan - Beginning a new life - Finished project  - Mike Wye with his beautifully restored 1954 Paladin Mercury caravan (© Practical Caravan/Andrew Jenkinson)

Beginning a new life

Created on 28th July 2015

Restoring vintage caravans is a passion for Wiltshire caravanner Mike Wye – Andrew Jenkinson checks out his superb 1954 Paladin Mercury restoration project

Practical Caravan at the Tour de France 2015 1 - The smart Kia and Bailey outfit was the perfect pairing for following some of the world's best cyclists (© Harry Sampson/Practical Caravan)

A flash of yellow

Created on 24th July 2015

Hitching up and heading to France is the best way to see and soak up the action of the Tour de France, writes Paul Regan, after a few days peloton-chasing

Martin Roberts Practical Caravan May 2014 - We'd love to know what you think makes the perfect pitch when you're touring (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

Finding that perfect pitch

Created on 20th July 2015

If bagging the ideal pitch is crucial to your caravan holidays, Martin Roberts knows your pain – rewind to May 2014 as he prepared for a summer of touring

Practical Caravan – What makes a good tow car? 1 - The VW Passat Estate was the overall winner of our 2015 Tow Car Awards – Motty explains what makes it so good (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

What makes a good tow car?

Created on 14th July 2015

Choosing the perfect tug is an important decision for caravanners – our expert David Motton shines light on what tow cars are the best and why

Cheltenham Caravans Festival - Cheltenham rallies are very relaxed and cater for all ages (© Practical Caravan/Andrew Jenkinson)

The Cheltenham Caravans Festival

Created on 13th July 2015

Vintage caravan owners recently gathered at a rally to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the oldest owners’ club in existence – The Cheltenham Owners' Club

Martin Roberts Practical Caravan April 2014 - Martin Roberts tells us he's always amazed at what can be packed into his family's caravan – is the feeling mutual? (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

The touring Tardis

Created on 9th July 2015

Packing for your caravan holidays is a highly skilled task, reckons Practical Caravan columnist and TV star Martin Roberts, who concedes it's not his forte

The Practical Caravan Volvo XC90 review 1 - The new Volvo XC90 is going upmarket, prices starting at £45,750 – and our Motty has been behind the wheel (© Volvo/Practical Caravan)

New Volvo XC90 review

Created on 7th July 2015

The original model was a hit with caravanners and now our expert David Motton has driven the new Volvo XC90, keen to find out what tow car ability it has

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