avon-gb-on-background-tmg-b-pm2-livelli-mod (1) - The Adria Avon is perfect for families large and small (© Adria)

SPONSORED: Enjoy your best year ever with Adria!

Published 21st August 2019 Blog

A complete overhaul for Altea and new layouts for Alpina are just some of the highlights for the 2020 season

The latest generation of the BMW 3 Series - The 3 Series from BMW is often held up as a benchmark against which other tow cars are compared (© Practical Caravan)

The latest generation of the BMW 3 Series

Published 22nd August 2019 Blog

David Motton takes a look at the latest generation of the BMW 3 Series, traditionally a powerful tow car against which others are often compared.

Me & My Caravan: 1965 Hénon Harmonie Verresine - The Hénon's distinctive looks include two doors and no fewer than 29 windows (© Practical Caravan)

Me & My Caravan: 1965 Hénon Harmonie Verresine

Published 14th August 2019 Blog

Hunting for a classic caravan, Chris Beresford went to northern France to find the perfect partner for his 1988 Rolls Royce - and discovered a beauty.

Jaguar XE blog - Jaguar has made a host of mid-life improvements to the Jaguar XE (© Practical Caravan)

There's been an overhaul of the Jaguar XE

Published 7th August 2019 Blog

Tow car editor David Motton takes a snapshot of the latest Jaguar XE rolling off the production lines.

Ranger Raptor blog - There are pick-ups, and then there's the new Ford Ranger Raptor (© Practical Caravan)

We test the Superman-sized Ford Ranger Raptor

Published 29th July 2019 Blog

Tow car editor David Motton weighs up the Superman-sized Ford Ranger Raptor. But is he in raptures over this extroverted pick-up?

15957 Alicanto Location day 2 copy - The new Alicanto Grande range is your passport to brilliant tours and fantastic holidays (© Bailey)

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Published 19th July 2019 Blog

This brand-new range gives you luxury, style, space and security, with a choice of three fantastic floorplans

A hoppy trip to Kent - Claudia took our long-term Adria Altea 472 DS Eden, towed by a Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer, to discover Kent's hoppy history (© Practical Caravan)

A hoppy trip to Kent

Published 19th June 2019 Blog

The resurgence of UK holidays in seaside towns has seen the popularity of Kent's coast rise, as Claudia Dowell found out on our latest cover shoot.

Adora Isonzo Dinette - Everyone can relax in comfort in the Adora Isonzo (© Adria)

SPONSORED: Quality meets style and practicality in Adria's Adora

Published 18th June 2019 Blog

Adora range is a tempting combination of quality, reliability and design that’s simply built to last

A last trip to Kent for our Adria - We squeezed in one last trip with our long-term test van from Adria, taking in the sights of Kent (© Practical Caravan)

A last trip to Kent for our Adria

Published 6th June 2019 Blog

As the long-term loan of our Adria Altea 472 DS Eden comes to an end, Nigel Hutson took it on a last jaunt to Kent to take in the sights.

Discovering family roots in Ireland - The rocky, dangerous coast around Hook Head is watched over by the oldest operational lighthouse in the world (© Practical Caravan)

Discovering family roots in Ireland

Published 22nd May 2019 Blog

On a recent trip to the Emerald Isle, Bryony Symes delved into her family connections to southern Ireland, taking in beautiful scenery.

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