LS_ADORA_GB_[Group 8]-_4BC3087__4BC3100-14 images - The Adora allows couples and families to tour in comfort and style (© Adria)

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Published 1st May 2019 Blog

Thought you couldn’t find smart styling and great comfort in a caravan that’s also well-priced? Think again - meet Adria’s best-selling Adora.

Exploring Cambridge - Punting tours of Cambridge show you the colleges from an entirely different point of view (© Practical Caravan)

Exploring Cambridge

Published 18th April 2019 Travel and touring

Bryony Symes took a friend and first time caravanner on a recent trip to Cambridge to get a taste of the punting life

11361  Messina copy 2 - You'll find smart furnishings and a huge amount of space in the Messina (© Bailey of Bristol)

SPONSORED: Bailey's new Messina is a real winner

Published 17th April 2019 Blog

This Pegasus Grande twin-axle, eight-foot-wide model is brilliantly spacious, with room for everyone to relax in comfort

The life of a touring site - Take a look behind the scenes at our latest photoshoot, at Eye Kettleby Lakes (© Practical Caravan)

The life of a touring site

Published 28th March 2019 Travel and touring

We recently went behind the scenes at Eye Kettleby Lakes, to find out about daily life on a touring site.

Tesla Model X - The Tesla Model X can be fitted with a towing pack that allows the car to tow 2250kg (© Practical Caravan)

Towing with electric cars

Published 6th March 2019 Tow cars

Do caravanners have anything to fear from the rise of the electric car? There are already pure electric vehicles on sale that are able to tow.

adr-alpina-landscape-uk - Adria's Alpina is perfect for those who love to tour in luxury

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Published 20th March 2019 Blog

More than 50 years of experience goes into each and every Adria caravan - and there’s a layout available for everyone

Cornwall Tour - Peter and Claudia's Cornwall tour got off to a shaky start after the sat nav sent them down a road with a height restriction, but they had great weather (© Practical Caravan)

A Cornish sat nav saga

Published 28th February 2019 Travel and touring

It's well-known that Cornwall's roads are not the most comfortable for towing, but on our recent trip to the county, we had first hand experience of this.

Citrioën C5 Aircross - The new Citroën C5 Aircross has a bold and modern look (© Practical Caravan)

Citroën C5 Aircross test drive

Published 14th February 2019 Tow cars

We took the new Citroën C5 Aircross out for a solo test drive to see if it has tow-car potential.

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Peace, quiet - and a great deal!

Published 6th February 2019 Blog

Camping with CampingCard ACSI

Hyundai Santa Fe reader test - We gave a handful of readers the chance to test-drive the new Hyundai Santa Fe, pulling a Swift Fairway Platinum Edition loaned by Broad Lane Leisure (© Practical Caravan)

Readers test the new Hyundai Santa Fe

Published 17th January 2019 Tow cars

Caravanners rarely get to tow-test a car before they buy, but we gave readers the chance to try out Hyundai's new Santa Fe.

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