Suzuki Jimny - The new Suzuki Jimny fixes many of the old models faults - others are worn as a badge of pride (© Practical Caravan)

My month in tow cars

Published 6th December 2018 Blog

As tow car test editor, David Motton certainly gets behind the wheel of his fair share of cars; find out how he got on with last month's selection.

Burton Constable Holiday Park - Here's a sneak peak into the January 2019 issue: we've been shooting the Sprite Super Quattro FB from Swift at Burton Constable Holiday Park (© Practical Caravan / Bryony Symes)

Touring the East Riding of Yorkshire

Published 8th November 2018 Blog

We've been out and about in Yorkshire's East Riding getting more great touring content for you to enjoy.

IMG_0034 - The Škoda Kodiaq towed the Bailey Unicorn Cabrera with ease for Rachel’s family holiday on the Isle of Wight (© Practical Caravan/Rachel Middlewick)

Why do a fly-drive when you can have a sunshine caravan break?

Published 25th October 2018 Blog

For 2018 I opted for a staycation instead of a foreign holiday. And what better way of enjoying family time than taking a caravan to the Isle of Wight?

VW Touareg - On first acquaintance, the third generation Touareg is thoroughly impressive (© Practical Caravan magazine)

First Drive: Volkswagen Touareg

Published 27th September 2018 Blog

hyundai-santa-fe-aug2018-071 - Tow test the new Hyundai Santa Fe with a Practical Caravan reader exclusive (© Hyundai Motor UK)

Tow test the new Hyundai Santa Fe with Practical Caravan

Published 17th September 2018 Blog

Practical Caravan is offering readers the chance to tow test the new Hyundai Santa Fe at an exclusive event in October

hyundai-santa-fe-aug2018-001 - Practical Caravan's David Motton drives the new version of the Hyundai Santa Fe (© Hyundai Motor UK)

First Drive: Hyundai Santa Fe

Published 17th September 2018 Blog

Find out more about the latest version of this popular tow car, plus get the chance to tow with one thanks to a Practical Caravan reader exclusive

DSC00635a - Tony Brown's Babette T64 and MG 1100 tow car took him on many happy family holidays (© Tony Brown)

Me & my caravan: Fairholme Babette

Published 13th September 2018 Blog

Buying a compact new van got experienced caravanner Tony Brown reminiscing about his Fairholme Babette T64 from the 1960s

Exterior view of the new Dacia Duster SCe 115 4x2 Comfort. - Exterior view of the new Dacia Duster SCe 115 4x2 Comfort. First drive by David Motton for Practical Caravan (© Dacia/Practical Caravan)

First Drive: Dacia Duster

Published 20th July 2018 Blog

Looking for an affordable tug that's an improvement on its previous version? Then you should consider the second-generation Dacia Duster

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport front three-quarter - Read David Motton's first drive of the Mitsubishi Shogun Sport for Practical Caravan (© Mitsubishi Motors)

First Drive: Mitsubishi Shogun Sport

Published 10th July 2018 Blog

There's still a place for a proper 4x4, and despite the modern styling, the new Mitsubishi Shogun Sport is very definitely a proper 4x4. So how good is it?

Dealer specials - Ten Practical Caravan readers tell us why they love their dealer special edition vans so much (© Practical Caravan)

Why we love our dealer specials

Published 4th July 2018 Blog

We asked our Facebook friends to recommend their dealer special edition caravans and reveal why they love them so much

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