Practical Caravan – Buying guide: sub-£7000 four/five-berth caravans for sale – 1 - Affordable family caravan holidays could be just around the corner – the Caravelair had a price of £6995, the Swift stickered at £5495 (© Andy Jenkinson/Jenny Owen/Practical Caravan)

Buying guide: sub-£7000 four/five-berth caravans for sale

Created on 8th February 2017

Looking at family-friendly used caravans for sale under £7k? Check these out! Either could be your perfect first tourer to make your holiday dreams real

The Practical Caravan used Ford Mondeo review – 1 - Even the hatchback has a huge boot, but the estate version of the Mk3 Ford Mondeo would be our first choice (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

Used Ford Mondeo buyer's guide

Created on 7th February 2017

With good driving manners and the worst of the depreciation behind it, read our review to find out why the 2007-2014 Ford Mondeo makes a great used tow car

Practical Caravan – Used Coachman caravans, 2011 Pastiche – 1 - When browsing the used caravans for sale pages, does a Coachman still mean a top-quality purchase? Read on! (© Simon Mortimer/Andy Jenkinson/Practical Caravan)

Used caravan buyer: 2011 Coachman Pastiche

Created on 2nd February 2017

Coachman caravans are known as high-quality products, but does this still hold true on the used market? Let's see what this 2011 Pastiche 545/4 offers

Practical Caravan – Used Volvo V50 review – 1 - The Volvo V50’s wide range of engines made it a very popular estate – but what tow car capabilities does it have? (© What Car?/Practical Caravan)

Used Volvo V50 buyer's guide

Created on 31st January 2017

Does the 2004-2012 Volvo V50 live up to the brand's reputation for build quality, is it a good used buy and what tow car potential does it have? Read on!

Practical Caravan advice – How to fit an USB socket in your caravan – 0 - Want to keep fully charged? Here's how to add a USB port to your caravan (© Simon Mortimer/Nigel Hutson/Practical Caravan)

How to fit a USB socket in your caravan

Created on 25th January 2017

Love gadgets but hate running out of battery? Follow our step-by-step guide to fitting a USB socket in your caravan, to keep your devices fully charged

Practical Caravan buying advice – Used caravans for sale for less than £12,000 – 1 - Both these used caravans for sale at under £12,000 represent great value and have a useful amount of living space (© Andy Jenkinson/Jenny Owen/Practical Caravan)

Buying guide: sub-£12,000 end-washroom caravans for sale

Created on 20th January 2017

Get expert advice on buying used caravans for sale, as we check out these Sterling and Bailey caravans, offering different takes on the end-washroom layout

Practical Caravan – Used caravans for sale – 2003 Swift Challenger – 1 - Checking out the used caravans for sale pages? We'll be your guide to this 2003 Swift Challenger 460SE (© Andy Jenkinson/Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

Used caravan buyer: 2003 Swift Challenger

Created on 13th January 2017

Want touring comfort on a budget of around £6000? How about a 2003 Swift Challenger? Check out our essential guide to these used caravans for sale

Practical Caravan – Used Nissan X-Trail buyer's guide – 1 - The second-generation Nissan X-Trail hid a wealth of refinements beneath its boxy exterior (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

Used Nissan X-Trail buyer's guide

Created on 5th January 2017

We're big fans of the Nissan X-Trail here at Practical Caravan, but what tow car might does it have as a used buy? Russ Smith looks at the second-gen model

Practical Caravan advice – What size caravan can I legally tow? - Stay legal! We explain how to work out what you and your tow car can pull – it's essential reading for all caravanners (© Jenny Owen/Practical Caravan)

What size caravan can I legally tow?

Created on 15th December 2016

What can I tow? Can I tow a caravan? What can my tow car pull? These are questions we're asked regularly – so our expert David Motton has the answers!

Practical Caravan – used Bailey Olympus caravan buying guide – 1 - Looking at used caravans for sale? How about a Bailey Olympus? (© Practical Caravan)

Used caravan buyer: 2010 Bailey Olympus

Created on 29th November 2016

Leading the way with damp-resistant technology, enjoy comfort and a super spec with a 2010 Bailey – follow our top tips for buying used caravans for sale

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